Mike Flynn: The Eyes of “Blind” Justice Are Upon You!

by Phil Erwin

On Tuesday, once-vaunted Lt. General Michael Flynn is due to be sentenced by Judge Emmett Sullivan for lying to the FBI. Flynn was interviewed by FBI agents in the White House, where he was National Security Advisor for the fledgling Trump administration.

Flynn had held the office for two days. He would hold it only a few more, as it became known that he had misled Vice President Pence, who then repeated on-camera what turned out to be inaccurate information provided by Flynn. All legalities aside, the new administration simply could not tolerate that level of national embarrassment, and Flynn resigned.

But what did Flynn actually do, and how damaging to the nation was it?

Here’s the reality: Flynn, acting in his capacity as incoming head of the NSA, spoke in December with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak (whom he already knew!), and may have suggested that sanctions just imposed by the Obama administration were – let’s say, “under review.” Perhaps Flynn hinted that Trump’s administration might remove or soften them. We don’t know, because such communiques are typically kept secret.

But there was a lot of speculation about it in the news. Enough to suggest there had been a leak somewhere.

Gee… Where might such a leak have come from?

Flynn had been Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He knew that all conversations with the Russian Ambassador were routinely recorded and monitored. Both the fact of the conversation, and the content, were known to the Intelligence Community – including the FBI.

So when the FBI contacted Flynn to “discuss” his conversation with Kislyak, they already had access to the entire exchange! (I repeat: Where might those leaks have come from?)

Flynn should have questioned the FBI’s motivation. But Flynn was an honorable, career-long patriot, who probably, understandably, assumed that high-level careerists at the FBI must also be honorable patriots.

But those at the top level of the FBI were not honorable. Rather, they were power-drunk bastards who were astonishingly comfortable abusing the authority of their offices and the full weight of the Justice System to ambush, bamboozle and attack anyone – including military heroes – in order to gain and wield political power; to bend the levers of government to their own political ends.

(Can you say, “Deep State”?)

These people hated that the American citizenry had elected the “wrong” President. And they were determined to remove that President – to right this “wrong” and install the “right” President (Her Majesty, Queen Hillary.)

As fired/disgraced FBI Director James Comey admitted on national television, he engineered the “interview” with Flynn – essentially to give Flynn the “opportunity” to lie to the FBI. That would provide Comey leverage, perhaps to prod Trump to resign, or to instigate a Special Counsel to engineer Trump’s indictment/impeachment.

(Remember, Comey told Congress he deliberately leaked FBI documents to the Press to trigger a Special Counsel!)

But why would Trump’s enemies within the government be so convinced Flynn would lie about what was, at the very worst, a slightly embarrassing jumping-the-gun on Flynn’s part? He spoke with Kislyak mere weeks before he would have the responsibility to do so, as head of the NSA. So what’s the real problem?

You may recall that the Media put out a furious rash of stories about how Flynn “may have” violated the “Logan Act” – an antique piece of legislation that had not once in 200 years been used to successfully prosecute anybody. But on paper, it prohibits any “civilian” from “negotiating” on behalf of the United States with any foreign entities. What “civilian” and “negotiating” mean is debatable. It certainly suggests that you should be careful what you promise foreign governments on behalf of the U.S. government unless you have official authorization to “negotiate.”

But Flynn was not a “civilian.” He was a career officer in the Army, a member of the Presidential Transition team, and days away from becoming the National Security Advisor, a cabinet-level post. Flynn reported to the incoming President. So whatever he may have said to Kislyak certainly cannot be considered “unauthorized” simply because it happened.

Yet, that’s what the “news” Media was selling.

Unfortunately for Flynn, it appears he bought it.

Famed law professor Alan Dershowitz still wonders why Flynn lied, but I think the sad explanation is: Flynn bought an FBI/Media ruse, and panicked.

So Flynn dissembled to the FBI. And they dragged out their transcript of his conversation with Kislyak. And he was caught. Skewered. Spit-roasted on a ridiculous, completely unimportant technicality.

Which is precisely what Comey and crew wanted. Intended. Expected. And got.

If you think this is a good use of the “Justice” system, you deserve the quotes around the word, “Justice.”

Because this is most certainly not justice!

This is what was labeled, in an earlier era when cars were rare and justice was uncertain: Railroading.

Mike Flynn was railroaded. By the FBI, including then-Director Comey, and most or all of the top officials who inhabited the so-called “7th Floor,” that cadre of upper-level bureaucrats which rank-and-file FBI personnel recognize don’t play by FBI rules.

As Comey just proved, by publicly crowing about railroading Flynn.

“I might not have gotten away with [it] in a more organized administration,” Comey confided on-camera. “I thought it was early enough, let’s just send a couple of guys over…” Translation: I knew I could bamboozle this administration because they were too new to know any better!

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a “banana republic”? Call up Flynn and ask him.

He’s now our foremost authority.

One slightly encouraging note: 5 of those 7th-Floor bureaucrats have been summarily fired, re-assigned, demoted or have resigned since Comey’s railroading gambit. But at least one – Rod Rosenstein – is still firmly ensconced, resisting Congressional oversight, and allowing the “Russia” hoax to play on in the Mueller “witch hunt.”

And Mike Flynn will finally discover, on Tuesday, just how many limbs he’s left on the tracks of Comey’s railroad.

Preparing for the sentencing, Judge Sullivan ordered the prosecution to provide all relevant documents regarding the Flynn interview. He received redacted documents, and a key document was missing.

I know what I might do, were I in Judge Sullivan’s shoes: Convene at 9am on Tuesday, tell the prosecution they had until noon to provide me with all the documents involved, unredacted, and that failure to do so would result in contempt of Court citations for everyone involved. And when they failed to produce the documents – which they would, because they are pathologically incapable of open honesty – I would cite them for contempt, throw their corrupt backsides in jail, and vacate General Flynn’s guilty plea.

I might even order them to reimburse his legal costs. And buy him a new house, to replace the one he had to sell to cover those costs.

Now, that would be a step or two towards real Justice.

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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