Molina pulls ahead of Stein in Oxnard Treasurer race

By Peter K. Godinez & George Miller

As of today, Phil Molina pulled ahead of Larry Stein in the Oxnard Treasurer race. Initially, Stein was ahead, but the gap had been closing, with Molina now about 150 votes ahead. Next update is due Friday. It could go either way.


Official VC Elections info as of 11-15-16

The two have fairly similar goals for the position.

Stein an accountant, is regarded as a longtime city council meeting gadfly, frequently getting up to speak and usually critical of the City. But unlike most meeting speakers, he is highly informed about what is going on, because of his years of reseach and frequent information requests and extensive contacts.

Molina, a former Oxnard Finance Director who was fired, but won a large wrongful discharge settlement, is also a frequent thorn in the side of City officials, although not as frequently and persistently as Stein. But, he is highly qualified. 

Both have risen in the estimation of the public, after many of their longtime criticism sad suggestions were vindicated by the long, painful audit of the FY ’14-15 city books. Both men have indicated  a willingness to assist whomever the ultimate winner is.

Far more attention is being paid to the Treasurer election nthis year, since incumbent Danielle Navas resigned  a few months ago. While she claimed this was for personal reasons, the findings of the audit would have made for tough campaign rhetoric.


The Making of a Great Oxnard City Treasurer

The Making of a Great Oxnard City Treasurer

By Peter K. Godinez- History, People and Facts about Oxnard City Treasurer “The only requirement we have now for a treasurer is that the person be 18 years old, a resident of Oxnard and a good campaigner.” -Manuel M. Lopez, Oxnard Councilman 1987. The first recorded City Treasurer of Oxnard was Leon Lehman, on Monday April […]

Oxnard Treasurer race tightening

By Phil Molina (candidate for Oxnard Treasurer)- 11-10-16 Good People of Oxnard; Just got back from the County’s Election Department where they are knee deep in ballots. To be precise they identified (ed: county-wide) 88,897 more ballots counted  that  need to be processed, PLUS “they are still pulling ballots out of the yellow bags that are over […]

Peter K. Godinez is a longtime document management professional in the information services industry, as well as a Citizen of Oxnard who desires to see this community thrive to the best of its abilities and potential.

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George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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