Moorpark | Hit-and-Run Traffic Collision Arrests

Ventura County Sheriff – Incident Press Release

Between the dates of February 8th 2020 and April 5th 2020, five hit-and-run traffic collisions were reported in the City of Moorpark. This marks a significant increase of this type of traffic related crime throughout the city.

All five collisions were investigated by the Moorpark Traffic Bureau in conjunction with Moorpark Patrol services. The investigations led to the arrest of five individuals for various charges in addition to hit-and-run such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, insurance fraud, false report of a crime, and child endangerment.

Of the five arrests, three suspects were arrested and booked for felony charges. The other two suspects were arrested for misdemeanor only charges. In all but one collision, drivers would have faced no charges or misdemeanor only charges had they not fled the scene. Below is a list of the charges faced by each individual.

  • Millar-Cardiel: PC 550(a)(4)-Insurance Fraud (Felony), PC 148.5(a)-False Report of a Crime (Misdemeanor)
  • Rodriguez: PC 550(b)(2)-Insurance Fraud (Felony), PC 148.5(a)-False Report of a Crime (Misdemeanor), VC 20002(a)-Hit and Run (Misdemeanor)
  • Ortiz: VC 20002(a)-Hit and Run (Misdemeanor)
  • Zepeda: PC 273a(a)-Child Endangerment (Felony), VC 20002(a) Hit and Run (Misdemeanor), VC 4462.5 False Registration (Misdemeanor)
  • Ware: VC 20002(a) Hit and Run (Misdemeanor), VC 23152(f)-Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (Misdemeanor)

Like any other crime, hit-and-run crimes are, and will continue to be, thoroughly investigated by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. Once identified, offenders will face criminal charges in addition to potential administrative action from the DMV or insurance companies.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and Moorpark Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind the public of their responsibilities when they are involved in a traffic accident.

  • Stop at the scene and make sure all people involved receive medical attention if needed.
  • Pull vehicles off the roadway if safe and able to do so.
  • Exchange information with all people involved including Name, Address, Driver License Number, Phone Number, Vehicle Information, and Insurance Information.
  • Call the local police department if an accident report is requested or needed.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are involved in a traffic accident make sure to call the police or exchange information to avoid further legal repercussions.

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P W Robinson
P W Robinson
5 months ago

We KNOW hit and run on homeless people has been legal here for 5 years. Stop dancing to their tune, George, and don’t you dare feign surprise when the story breaks. How does it work here? Do they just hand you the point of the article, then you go to work? That’s how the Star does it.