More than 70,000 “brave rain to encounter God” at Azusa Now rally

FeatureArticleBy Michael Hernandez & Photos By Jeanette Hernandez


Rain poured on the Azusa Now attendees. J Hernandez photo

LOS ANGELES—They came from the nations and across America to encounter God at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for the Azusa Now rally on Saturday, April 9th in observance of the original Azusa Street Revival outpouring of 110 years ago that birthed the modern day Pentecostal movement which today encompasses more than 500 million Pentecostal and Charismatic believers across the globe.

Those who gathered waited in unity and “with one accord” some 2,000 years after the first Pentecost when the apostles and disciples of Jesus experienced the “coming of the Holy Spirit” spoken by Jesus and promised by the Father (Acts 1) while waiting in the Upper Room Prayer Meeting in Jerusalem (Acts 2) for the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.

They gathered at the home of the University of Southern California Trojans (and the soon to be home of the Los Angeles Rams football team) in anticipation that God would honor the 100-year prophecy given by William J. Seymour, the one-eyed 34-year-old son of former slaves and student of well-known white preacher Charles Parham of Houston, Texas.


More than 70,000 attendees stayed 15 plus hours at Azusa Now. J Hernandez photo

Seymour had prophesized that God would send an end-time revival greater than the Azusa Street Revival (1906-1915) that was sparked on April 9, 1906 and started at the home of Richard and Ruth Asberry at 216 North Bonnie Brae Street (later moved to a building at 312 Azusa Street) in downtown Los Angeles.

The date of April 9th was significant because that was when (after five weeks of Seymour’s peaching and prayer and three days into a 10-day fast where those gathered were seeking a baptism of the Holy Spirit) that Edward S. Lee—the host of  William J. Seymour–spoke in tongues.

Lee’s speaking in tongues was reminiscent of the original outpouring of the Holy Spirit that resulted in the “multitudes from every nation” in Jerusalem hearing the apostle Peter’s sermon in their own language as he spoke on the prophecy of Joel 2:28-32: “I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams and, your young men shall see vision…and I shall show wonders in the heavens and in the earth…and it shall come to pass that whomever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

By mid-may in 1906, anywhere from 300 to 1,500 people were coming each day to what was now named the Apostolic Faith Mission.  People from diverse backgrounds came together to worship:  men, women, children, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, rich, poor, illiterate and educated at the very height of the “Jim Crow” era of racial segregation and 14 years prior to women receiving suffrage in the United States.

Among those attracted to the revival which was characterized by worship and healings going around the clock were not only members of the Holiness Movement, but also Baptist, Mennonites, Quakers and Presbyterians.    The Azusa Street revival which would attract people from across the nation  to experience this new outpouring of God would be embraced by many Wesleyan-holiness denominations such as the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), the Church of God in Christ, and the Pentecostal Holiness Church and would create new denominations such as the Assemblies of God and the Foursquare Church.

The Azusa Street Revival would be reported by the Los Angeles Times and stories from it would be shared in the Azusa Street Papers (1906-1908) of The Apostolic Faith Mission Publications edited by William J. Seymour.

Azusa Now organized by Lou Engle of TheCall was a collaborative effort of over 900 church leaders, prayer ministries and mission agencies (such as Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church, Reinhard Bonkke’s Christ For All Nations, Heidi Baker’s Iris Global, Cindy Jacobs Generals International, Dutch Sheets Ministries, Mike Bickle’s House of Prayer, Youth With A Mission’s Circuit Riders, and Todd White’s School of Power and Love, as well as other organizations sharing a message of unity, prayer and the breaking down of racial barriers.  Azusa Now was aired on GodTV in four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Korea) to over 50 nations.

Highlights from Azusa Now included:

  • A delegation from South Korea praying for the salvation of North Korea and for revival in America (see photo below);

J Hernandez photo

  • Dance, drumming and prayer from Native Americans (see photo below) for America which was later joined by the blowing of shofars;

J Hernandez photo

  • An East-West linking prayer between United Cry D.C. 2016—a gathering of 22,000 pastors at the Lincoln Memorial—with Azusa Now attendees that was observing three April 9th dates: the ending of the Civil War at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia (1865), the Azusa Street Revival (1906), and the anniversary of the execution of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1945) with prayer in the spirit of Malachi 4:6 “the hearts of the fathers to the children” given by Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, chairman of the National Hispanic Leadership Conference and Dick Eastman, founder of Every Home For Christ;
  • Racial reconciliation led by Pastor Charles Ewing (uncle of Michael Brown shot in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014) and William and Dehavilland Ford (founder of Hilkiah Ministries and also with Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas) in the spirit of Jeremiah 34:8 “that every man should set free his male and female slave” (see photo below);

J Hernandez photo

  • Feet kissing of AzusaNow organizer Lou Engle by Italian representatives of the Catholic Charismatic movement and prayer for unity and reconciliation from Pasadena Catholic Bishop David O’Connor (see photo below);

J Hernandez photo

  • Remarks from Pastor Jack Hayford (organizer of Love Los Angeles; and former President of the Foursquare Church) and prophetic words from Cindy Jacobs (Generals International) as shown in photo below and Joy Dawson (Youth With A Mission) as wells as specific words of knowledge from Shawn Bolz Ministries;

J Hernandez photo

  • A challenge given by Youth With A Missions founder Loren Cunningham with Joy Dawson and Lou Engle (see photo below) to “follow the Bible” and take the gospel to the nations of the world;

J Hernandez photo

  • An Appeal to Heaven (see photo below) made by Dutch Sheets (sharing “the synergy of the ages” with the saints who have gone “before us” and the story of Abraham calling on “Olam El—the Everlasting God” in Genesis 21:33 with Christians taking their place to fight the giants of the land while getting ready for “the harvest of the ages”);

J Hernandez photo

  • A Wakening Rod prayer (as seen in Psalm 2 and Psalm 110) declared to the North, East, West, South by David Kim of TheCall and countless times of prayer (seen in photos below);



J Hernandez photo



J Hernandez photo

  • Arthur Blessitt (photo below) carrying The Cross into Memorial Coliseum (he has walked over 41,552 miles through every nation in the world including all seven continents) challenging a “new generation” to rise up and carry the Cross;

J Hernandez photo

Todd White’s commissioning of a “new generation” of evangelists, missionaries and Jesus ambassadors (see photo below);

  • Nick Hall, an evangelist from North Dakota sharing about a million Christians coming together in unity at the Capitol Mall for Reset 2016 on July 16th;
  • Pastor Bill Johnson (Bethel Church in Redding, California), Heidi Baker, Pastor Che Ahn (HRock Church, Pasadena, California) speaking out words of healing (hundreds received healings; many who were deaf and in wheelchairs) and for signs and wonders;

Elizabeth Vonderhaar of Calabasas, California seen earlier in the day at Azusa Now. J Hernandez photo



Pastors Dave Fisher and Joel Reichlin of Akron, Ohio stand with Elizbeth Vonderhaar of Calabasas, California after rising from wheelchair (broken leg healed) at Azusa Now. J Hernandez photo

  • Worship led by teams from Youth With A Mission Circuit Riders and Bethel Church;
  • A gospel message from 34-year-old fifth generation preacher and evangelist Daniel Kolenda (Christ for All Nations which was founded by evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and has recorded over 60 million decisions for Christ in Africa and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida) speaking from Acts 2:40 “be saved from this perverse generation” followed by an invitation for all to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.




Evangelist Daniel Kolenda speaking at Azusa Now. J Hernandez photo


TheCall located in Pasadena, California has organized hundreds of thousands to the churches, fields, and stadiums of America for solemn assemblies.  TheCall is known for giving a summons to prayer, fasting, repentance and worship with their most notable event being The Call DC 2000 (Sept. 2) when 400,000 gathered at The Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C. in a solemn assembly.

TheCall which started in 1996 (20 years ago) by Lou Engle is making a shift to more stadium events (a fulfillment of a Paul Cain prophecy) and is shifting to sponsoring such initiative as:  the Spiritual Air Force Academy (SAFA—a discipleship training program); War Room (raising up prayer in local churches); MWatch (utilizing video conferencing and the internet to connect intercessors in Night Watches); and Flight MVMT (focused efforts at colleges and universities as well as public school campuses).  For more information contact TheCall at:  [email protected] or call (424) 362-5523.

Lou Engle, is a revivalist and founder of TheCall.  For more than three decades, Lou’s passion has been to call believers into radical consecration through prayer, fasting and acts of justice.  Lou has been involved in church planting, establishing prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer.  He is the founder of the pro-life ministry, Bound 4 Life and has inspired other justice movements.  Lou and his wife, Therese, have been married for 34 years and they reside in Pasadena, California.

Lou’s most recent book is The Jesus Fast (co-authored with Dean Briggs) and is also author of several other books:  Digging the Wells of Revival (1998), The Call of the Elijah Revolution with James W. Goll (2008), A House That Contends with Sam Cerny (2010), the Nazirite DNA and Pray! Ekballo! (2013).

Michael Hernandez, is co-founder of the Citizens Journal, a Ventura County online news service and is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist, and religion and news editor.  He is seeking revival story tellers.  Those interested can email [email protected] or contact him at (818) 263-9881.  Jeanette Hernandez is focused on bridging “the hum of the church” with “characteristics of revival.”  Those interested can contact [email protected] or contact her at (818) 427-6987.

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Kenny Snyder

My wife and I were the first ones called out by Shawn at 6:00 pm. We can say that we are walking out that very detailed prophetic word and are still amazed and encouraged as we hear it, these 4 1/2 years later!!