More than $950 Million Budgeted for LA’s Homeless

Tim ShalerTim Shaler

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to spend up to $23,000 per homeless person over the next year.

That’s the analysis of Garcetti’s state of the city speech April 19 and his 500-plus page budget proposal, covering the July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 fiscal year.

In his speech, Garcetti said, “we will dedicate nearly $1 billion toward ending homelessness… starting July 1, that number will be north of $950 million.”

There were 41,290 homeless people in Los Angeles during the last census of the population, taken in January 2020.

If $950 million is divided by 41,290, it means the mayor wants to spend $23,008 per homeless person during the upcoming budget year.

There was no census of the homeless population released in 2021, because the pandemic was so severe in Los Angeles during the past year that it was deemed unsafe for the census-takers to do their work.

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George Pattone

Well, thank goodness for Mayor Yogapants and his feel-good, save-the-world largesse.

At least his squeeze-the-balloon, virtue-signaling, wasteful spending will likely continue to force sane citizenry. OUT of El Lay, which will keep our Ventura County property values high!!!

But why hasn’t he done anything to address the problems while they were DEVELOPING, or better yet, tried to PREVENT them from happening??? Or is this just a big giveaway to his real estate cronies in the “homeless industrial complex”???