Multicultural Fail


By Michael Greer

FreedomGotoHellChancellor Angela Merkel admitted multiculturalism is a complete failure and, pharmacy of course, cost she’s right. But why did anyone think it would succeed in the first place?

I would love to have been in the room when our world leaders decided to inflict multiculturalism on the Western World……….and without our knowledge or consent. Yes, healing yes, we know they didn’t want any more World Wars. They said nationalism and religion were the cause of wars, therefore, if all the Western countries immigrated people from other countries, national cultures and identities would be erased. People would get used to other cultures, all the countries would look the same and everyone would live happily ever after.  That was the excuse for doing it, but that’s not the reason. I doubt very much they believed multiculturalism would work.  In fact, how could it? They immigrate people from other countries who don’t speak their language, don’t share their values, culture or religion. They, not only, don’t require the immigrants to learn their language or assimilate, they discourage it.  And, in fact, accommodate the new immigrants while restricting the rights of the natural born citizens.  What is the natural evolution of such a policy? The immigrants band together, take over cities and create small nations inside your country.  Natural born citizens become angry, resentful and frightened.  It doesn’t bring people together, it divides them further.

World leaders have been pushing for Global Governance for a long time.  They know it’s the only way to control the population, both in numbers and behavior.  Don’t you ask yourself why all the Western Countries are on the same page with this? Everything is about “diversity” and “multiculturalism” and being “inclusive”. This was never about bringing people together to create peace in the world. It was about creating chaos in the rich Western countries so that World leaders would have to step in to solve it. This was about changing the demographics of the Western countries. And they justify it with altruistic sounding reasons, such as “fairness”.

All the Western countries are immigrating many more people than they actually need. We’re told natives aren’t having enough children to repopulate our countries and fill our jobs, so we need to bring in more people.  But if that were the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until there was a labor shortage (which would result in higher wages) and then bring in people with the skills for those jobs? Isn’t the point of immigration to benefit the country, not burden it?  We are bringing in large numbers of poor, unskilled people who don’t speak our language or share our values and not requiring them to learn our language or assimilate. And then, through chain migration, we’re bringing in their extended families, who are also poor and unskilled.  Why?  How do new immigrants adjust to a new country and get jobs if they can’t speak the language?  How does it benefit the country to flood it with millions of poor people we can’t communicate with? How do they expect the native citizens to welcome and accept people they can’t communicate with?

Another form of immigration is going on quietly, under the radar. H1B visa workers are being brought in by the thousands, not because there is a shortage of high skilled American workers but to replace them with foreign workers who will work for less.  A very large number of our illegal immigrants are these H1B visa workers who simply stay after their visa’s run out.

As with all Leftist policies they “sell” their destructive agendas in the name of compassion and fairness, “We can’t separate families”……”They just want a better life for their families”……..”We aren’t replacing our populations”……..”They do jobs we don’t want to do”………etc. etc. We’re told it’s mean and selfish to send illegal immigrants back to their countries.  Never mind their first act was to break our laws.  We’re told we’re rich enough to provide for these people.  We’re told we can’t turn away the “children”…….and their parents……and their grandparents…..and Aunts and Uncles and cousins. We’re told we need to be inclusive.  Which, in practice means Western countries need to be inclusive but the new immigrants…..not so much.

Aren’t these world leaders the same people who want to reduce the population to under one billion? So why are they concerned with replacing countries populations? Especially, when technology is resulting in fewer jobs overall.  Wouldn’t the rational thing be to allow populations to decrease and only bring in foreign workers to fill jobs that actually aren’t being filled by the citizens? How is all this immigration benefitting us? Or is this about the destruction of the Western culture and the redistribution of it’s wealth?

What is happening to our culture with all this immigration, both legal and illegal? Instead of assimilating into our culture, immigrants are demanding accommodations and privileges for their cultures and religions….and getting them. Our schools no longer say the pledge of allegiance or sing the national anthem so as not to offend other cultures. Most universities have “Diversity Offices” and seem more concerned with diversity than academics.  There are no “American Culture Offices”. Recently the University of California at Irvine removed American flags.  They said they did it because many of their students see the flag as representing American imperialism.  That begs the question, when has America colonized a country it defeated? Is Mexico our colony? Is Japan or Germany?

When our leaders decided multiculturalism was the answer to nationalism they left human nature out of the equation.  It is human nature to seek what is familiar.  We need to belong to families, communities and countries.  We need to feel that we belong to something bigger than ourselves.  Traditions are important to the well-being of people.  Our traditions and values are under assault. When people are forced to live side by side with people whose culture is the antithesis of theirs they become more protective not less.Assimilation

The Left likes to tell us we are a nation of immigrants, and yes, we all came here from somewhere else, including the Indians.  But our immigrants in the past came to America wanting to be Americans.  They brought their cultures and traditions with them but they embraced our culture and traditions as well.  They left oppressive countries for the freedom America offered and they were grateful to be here. They learned our language, they learned about our government and they wanted to be part of this great nation.

Multiculturalism was destined to fail because of human nature.  This country was founded by people who sought religious and individual freedom.  Most of us aren’t willing to give that up.


Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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