Nancy Pelosi turns to race-baiting in order to demean Trump’s attempt to fix the immigration mess



By Girdis Eckstein

Nancy Pelosi, fourth richest member of the US House of Congress, a billionaire who lives among the richest elites in the country with a winery in Napa and a home in San Francisco, one among seven sites all over the country, spoke recently at a convention of mayors about immigration.

Some of her comments on immigration were plain, vitriolic rabble-rousing prompts—with which she tried to stir the leaders of cities against Trump’s proposals.

Her most deplorable, disgusting comment was, and I paraphrase here, that President Trump, by paring back accessibility to our country by closing borders and enforcing the law as it was intended, was espousing to make America white again.

What is wrong with this woman’s mind? How could such a mindless, race-obsessed elitist ever have become the democratic leader of the house? I must remind you here, that she is the one who told the citizens of this country that: we had to pass Obama care to find out what was entailed in the voluminous toms she herself had been too busy to read.

However, let us return to America’s whiteness. Yes, yes and yes again—it was white men who founded this country and wrote its constitution. This country is only wealthy, exceptional and a heaven to all wretched people in the world because it is built on the principles espoused and implemented by, sorry Nancy, white thinkers who developed the notions and ethical concepts that allowed this nation to be conceived in freedom and the equality to achieve one’s potential.

Furthermore, their thoughts and believes were formed by ever more white men going back thousands of years to the time of Seneca 4 BC and Plato. Western thinkers and philosophers from Cicero, Socrates, Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Rousseau and Spinoza, all through the time of the Enlightenment and Lutheran Reformation French, English, German and many other white men thought about the human condition and the improvement of government, coagulating in the minds of the young leaders of America.

Yes, Nancy, Alexander Hamilton, Washington, Jefferson and Adams and all the others were white men. We owe them a debt of gratitude so large that you, for one, are incapable to understand the magnitude of their achievement.

Without their thought and foresight, your family and, you with them, would not have been able to reach your high status anywhere in the world had you not emigrated to America from Italy.

So, you Nancy object to a proposal made by the president to offer the millions of Dreamers citizenship by fixing the broken immigration policy, as nothing but a scheme to keep America white. Shame on you, political-elitist white woman, who went so far as to call thousand dollars per family tax cuts nothing but crumbs. I bet you never walked one day in your brown cleaning woman’s shoes or listened to her thoughts.

Perhaps you attract attention to race because, like the Communists, you are really railing against the thoughts of the white men that are the basis for Americas government and the existence of the middle class, the bourgeoisie, so hated by Lenin and the Communists that they set out kill everyone belonging to this class.

Girdis Eckstein is a Ventura County resident

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