Are We a Nation of Laws or Immigrants? The Battle lines are drawn in the Sanctuary State

Democrats fervently recite that “We're a nation of immigrants!” while Republicans remind us that “We're a nation of laws!”

by Phil Erwin     

For all of American history, two maxims have identified and celebrated fundamental truths about America: Democrats fervently recite that “We’re a nation of immigrants!” while Republicans remind us that “We’re a nation of laws!”

We are the most welcoming nation in the world, and see our heralded cultural diversity as a beneficial result. But we also consider the principals enshrined in our founding documents and codified in our body of laws to be keys to our success as a nation, and critical to our endurance in History.

Time was when those two truisms were actually mutually compatible. Immigration was seen as the lifeblood of America’s future, while The Law was considered the bedrock upon which the nation’s survival rested.

No longer.

Now we’re a nation (and especially a state!) that welcomes illegal immigrants. Progressives have successfully warped the Democrat view of “immigration” to mean anyone who manages to cross our borders, regardless of whether they have permission and legal documentation.

But illegal immigration is NOT the same thing as immigration. Here’s why:

  • Legal immigration means you have a formal invitation to join our society, which includes the responsibility to learn about and respect our laws, and to fit in to and participate in our society gracefully, lawfully, productively.
  • Illegal immigration means that your very first moment and every moment thereafter within our borders is an illegal intrusionin essence, an invasion. You are NOT a member of our society; you are an interloper. A trespasser.

A lawbreaker.

You simply cannot be respecting American laws when your very first action on American soil, and your every moment thereafter, is breaking our law.

So the fundamental problem with calling illegal immigration “acceptable” is that it puts the lie to the notion that we are a nation of laws. It changes the very character of our nation.

Because you can’t have a nation predicated on the fair and equitable application of laws when you carve out a group for whom the Law simply does not apply. Yet, that is precisely what California’s governor has done by signing the “Sanctuary State” bill, AB 54.

Illegal immigration fundamentally challenges the legal bedrock of our society. The formal, permanent acceptance of illegal immigrants challenges the very existence of America as a nation, a culture and a bastion of freedom.

Think that’s an exaggeration? In 2014, the Pew Research Center estimated that fully 6% of California’s population were illegal immigrants – meaning they have no legal right to be here! Yet, California strives to provide them more political protections than its own legal citizenry!

How many of them take up jobs that would otherwise be available to legal residents? How many absorb welfare in its many forms, clog up our emergency rooms – driving up the price of healthcare – and force our schools to employ multi-lingual teachers and provide alternative-language texts? How much does California spend providing publications and services in every language spoken on earth, just so no one is ever left out?

And how can we know for certain that our elections are inviolate when California has deliberately blurred the boundary between driving and voting? (Hardly surprising, then, that eleven counties recently reported that they have more registered voters than they have eligible residents – LA County is “over-registered” by 44%!)

These are not unreasonable questions. They do not betray prejudice or malice. They are simple, reasonable questions that seek to guage the cost of maintaining an “Open-Arms” policy that says, in effect: If you can set foot on our soil, you win the Immigration Lottery, which includes the right to stay here; to receive any public assistance available to the legal citizenry; to compete with American citizens for any job or service you wish; to demand that we provide you with public documents and services in your language; and to burn our flag, should you choose to, because our nation guarantees you the right to speak your mind here, even if you never could where you came from.

It costs our nation – our states, counties, cities and taxpayers – tremendously to welcome and support immigrants. (It’s estimated we spend over $130 Billion every year supporting illegal immigrants nationwide! Over $25 Billion of that is borne by California taxpayers.)

It seems completely reasonable that we ask, as an inherent part of the bargain, that immigrants agree to a few simple conditions: That they…

  • Wait in line for approval to enter our country
  • Be civil; abide by our laws, respect our culture and citizens
  • Adopt our language as a means of facilitating efficient and effective public communication
  • Recognize that they came here to improve their lives, and therefore they bear responsibility to help preserve the benefits of life in America
  • Learn about and respect our laws, our politics and our culture in order to fit in gracefully and avoid being a burden on American society

Immigrants who seek to come here for the right reasons should see these as very reasonable conditions to ensure that those arriving here do not ruin America for those who follow, but instead help to preserve the nation as a desirable destination for future immigrants.

But rather than upholding this reasonable, protective view of immigration, California’s “Sanctuary” policy actually represents a danger to citizens in all states of the Union. Think about it: If someone just steps across our border, California cannot know who they really are. So any documents issued are fraudulent documents. Yet, California now will issue them a driver’s license, which other states must honor. If they cross into neighboring states and commit crimes there, how can law enforcement track them back across California’s borders, when there’s no way to know who they really are? How can we know if they have one identity, or ten?

If another Kate Steinle is murdered in Phoenix or Las Vegas or Portland, what recourse will her family have when the perpetrator hot-wheels it back into California, which demonstrably considers the sanctuary of a murderer more important than the life of an American citizen?

If the entire state is a “sanctuary”,  there’s nothing to prevent illegals from crossing state boundaries, committing crimes, and jumping back over into “sanctuary.”  In effect, the law prevents other states from relying on California law enforcement to help track non-American criminals within the state.  So California flouts the Constitution, defies Federal law, welcomes criminals into the country on behalf of all Americans ( but without their consent!) and provides them safe harbor from which to predate upon the citizenry of other states. 

Perhaps the other states should sue to end California’s “Sanctuary” policy, since it means that anyone who makes it into Mexico from anywhere in the world and crosses into California can now become a “legal” residentusing whatever name(s) they choose!

California has basically usurped the Federal Constitutional authority to regulate immigration into our country – an illegal state policy which endangers the citizenry in every other state in the Union.

California’s “Sanctuary” policy may be big-hearted, but it is brain-deadened and anti-patriotic. Basically, California is flipping the rest of the country off.

Perhaps the rest of the country should return the favor. I wonder what would it take for the other states to eject California from the Union? Perhaps they should start thinking about how to protect themselves from California.

And you know Mexico would love to annex California. Much of the population in the lower third of the state already speaks Spanish better than English.

And Hey! Then Californios wouldn’t have to worry about that damn Wall!

* * * * *

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.\

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2 Responses to Are We a Nation of Laws or Immigrants? The Battle lines are drawn in the Sanctuary State

  1. T Martin January 11, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    Truth about the Facts.

  2. Ronald L. Lyons January 11, 2018 at 7:26 am

    California is becoming a state of anarchy where recognizing authority is a hit-or-miss proposition. Citizens need to protect their family and themselves from rule by the mob. It’s time (Nov. 2018) to select any non-incumbent representative to maintain rational governance.


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