National Group Art Show | Interpretations of WATER

New exhibition hosted by open i art space. This exhibition explores interpretations of water through the creative process in mixed-media, sculpture, photography, digital art, installation and video. As Bruce Lee said, “Be formless, shapeless… Be water, my friend.” Both art and water are vital for life, and they share the ability to be many things and transcend a specific form.

Introducing four of the ten artists exhibiting:

By Antonia Dimitrova

Antonia Dimitrova  living and working in Miami uses intermodal process, to catalyze dialogues that explore tensions between lived experience and human longing.   She layers movement, sound, written word and image, to process personal memories and experiences, giving voice to new narratives of awareness, growth, reconciliation and deepened spirituality.

Krista Machovina  is a painter and mixed media artist, with training as an art therapist and art educator. As an artist, Krista draws inspiration from the natural world, in particular the sea and sky, vintage ephemera and found objects.

By Krista Machovina

These elements create a narrative of every changing boundaries; those that merge, some diffuse and others starkly clear. The human presence is noticeably absent in the paintings of the sea, creating a meditative, immersive environment for the viewer.

By Amabelle Aguiluz

Amabelle Aguiluz’s  work is about flow, the human body and connection to the natural world. She collects, unravels and repairs salvaged materials combining traditional and contemporary art techniques. Using free-form movements, Amabelle reshapes daily objects into sculptures and installations. Her process explores impermanence, limitations and interconnectedness.

Gregory Grano is a filmmaker and educator based in Los Angeles. His first feature documentary explored trust, fear, and the “stranger” across the US, while his recent work has evolved into multimedia experiences, connecting humans, nature, and identity through visual stories. I’m A Tree was filmed primarily in the High Sierras of California, and is the first in a triptych of film installations celebrating energetic life in entities of nature.

About open i art space offers thematic exhibitions merging different art mediums in one space. Our goal is to create a multi-sensory event for viewers through these different mediums. Visitors can expect to experience the theme while listening to music, viewing videos on their phone and looking at visual art. The space is located at 513 Garden Street, Santa Barbara.

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