Nationalism, Not Narcissism



By Mike Smith

What follows is unromantic and apolitical. French President Emmanuel Macron helped provide the material—this will not be your run-of-the-mill Veterans Day message.

Mr. Macron could not help but tear down nationalism, America and our president on Sunday. His actions are public record; they won’t appear here. The man’s love of self is really something.

Is narcissism the new nationalism in France? It appears so. But Macron and his followers have staked a darker territory—and it explains why he waxed anti-nationalist on Sunday.

Macron is a leftist. Leftism since Karl Marx has sought to end the nation-state. President Trump wants America and sovereign nations; Macron wants the EU and borderless land masses. Trump wants Biblical liberty; Macron wants Marxist equality. Trump and Macron come from two different worlds.

Ironically, in trying to politicize this Veterans Day/WWI Centennial, Macron just opened nationalism as a moral discussion.

American nationalism can only be moral.

Macron’s disrespect is possible because he is free to speak (and abuse the right, too). The United States, which engaged Germany on the heels of France’s failures, made it possible—twice. And the only land America asked his country for in return, was enough to bury the American war dead.

If such good is not moral, nothing is. And if it’s not nationalist, what is it? Hello, reality: all military expeditions and movements are nationalist. The French people should be grateful that American nationalism ended the world wars, and not German!

Reclaiming American nationalism honors our veterans. Rejecting it can only dishonor them. Either way, President Macron will stay ungrateful. He has no appreciation for why he’s not made to speak German.

But ingratitude hobbles non-leftists, too. We need to finally accept that nationalism and conservatism are of equal good value in America—both are literally patriotic. ‘Nationalist’, ‘conservative’, and ‘patriot’ are all interchangeable.

Here in America, conserving the republic to any degree is nationalist. To deny this or make patriotism into a measuring contest is disrespectful to every American—especially our veterans past and present.

And no, President Trump did not goad President Macron into anything. He did what he does best: let a fool speak, and watch the guy play hangman with his own words.

Now then, we’ve got a country and civilization to save. American nationalism is due for a comeback.

It doesn’t matter who stops the Left and Sharia Law in America, or who does it first, as long as it gets done. President Macron should agree. Both of these ills are destroying his country.

Mike Smith is a longtime Ventura County resident who identifies as a Red State male in a Blue State body politic.

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