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    Nevada: Almost 5,800 More Votes than Voters in November 3 Election

    There has been recent news about the Pennsylvania general election having 200,000 more votes than voters who apparently voted in that election. Election Integrity Project Nevada (EIPNv) analyzed the Nevada results for November 3 and found: 

    The Nevada Secretary of State’s (SOS) final official election results dated 12/17/20* show 1,407,761 total votes counted in the state. EIPNv’s Nevada data acquired from the SOS on 12/24/20 shows 1,399,885 Nevada voters who voted. This is 7,876 more votes than voters.

    Clark County accounts for 4,187 of the 7,876 difference and Washoe County accounts for 2,948. The remainder of the difference is spread across the smaller counties.

    EIPNv’s contacted the SOS and her office surmises that 7,876 voted but were removed from the rolls after the election due to death, moving, etc.

    EIPNv can only account for 2,080 Nevadans who voted in the November 3 election and have since been removed from the rolls. 1,044 have been removed from Clark County, but this only accounts for 1/4 of Clark’s 4,187 “more votes than voters”. 485 were removed from Washoe County after voting, which is only 1/6 of Washoe’s 2,948 “more votes than voters”.

    EIPNv reviewed the six Nevada statewide voter data extracts it has downloaded from the official site since November 6. The number of voters who voted in Clark County and Washoe County NEVER reached the official number of counted votes those counties reported.

    Subtracting the 2,080 voters EIPNv confirmed as removed from the 7,876 initial finding, there appear to be 5,796 votes in Nevada with no apparent voters.

    Sharron Angle, Executive Council
    Election Integrity Project® Nevada

    Linda Paine
    President and Co-founder

    Election Integrity Project® California
    Election Integrity Project® California 
    is a nonprofit public benefit organization
    For more information, please contact:
    Ellen Swensen
    EIPNv/EIPCa Chief Analyst
    [email protected]
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