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    Nevada Will Likely Mail November 2022 Ballots To Thousands Of Ineligible Voters

    By Judy Moss, EIPNv Executive Council

    Reno, Nevada. – Election Integrity Project® Nevada, LLC (EIPNv) today reported that it has submitted voter registration irregularities to the county clerks and registrars of all 17 Nevada counties. The irregularities, which include relocated, deceased, and duplicated registrants as well as those with missing legal names, were identified using the June 6, 2022 official state voter list and other related government databases. EIPNv summarized its findings by county and by congressional, senate and assembly districts.

    Since 2020, Nevada has routinely mailed ballots to all 1.8 million Active-status registrants. Such election practice requires not only up-to-date, accurate voter lists, but also strict standards for signature verification and well-trained election staffs. Yet over 40,000 questionably eligible registrants are on the “Active” list and will be mailed 2022 ballots that could end up at incorrect addresses and “voted” by persons of ill intent.

    18,667 registrants have a government record indicating they have moved permanently out of state in the past four years, yet they remain in “Active status” in Nevada.

    21,845 registrants have not voted or updated their registrations in 10+ years. It is reasonable to conclude they have likely moved or died, yet they inexplicably remain in “Active status.”

    Election officials claim that the verification of voter signatures on mail ballot envelopes is a reliable and effective safeguard to prevent fraudulent voting. But, a November 12, 2020 Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported on a journalist’s test where eight of nine mail ballots with incorrect signatures were accepted and counted by Clark County in the 2020 election. The article concluded that “…signature verification isn’t the fail-safe security check elections officials made it out to be.”

    “Mailing ballots to persons who have likely moved or died opens the door to election crime, especially if signature verification is not a sufficient safeguard,” said Judy Moss of EIPNv. “Nevadans receiving ballots for people not living at their address also lose confidence in elections. We are hopeful the counties will remove the ineligible registrations, so they are not mailed ballots for the upcoming election.”

    Interested candidates, legislators and officials of all parties are invited to contact Judy Moss to request detailed EIPNv findings for their specific political districts. They can also request the findings files directly from their respective county clerks and registrars.



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