New standardized test given to your children

france_bacexam001_16x9by Tracy Dunbar

Dr. Chris Tienken of Seton Hall University in New Jersey just released this slick mini-documentary on education reform and the testing which has been developed to go along with the new Common Core standards. Not only is it professional and informative, but really interesting – and he offers solutions to this assessment mess. He’s been researching  the testing debacle, international benchmarks (like comparing apples and carrots), and various statistics in education. Diligently speaking out to fight the CCSSI for the last year or so, Dr. Tienken has  traveled all over the world and links CC to UNESCO. He’s also very informed on the Fed/Corporate takeover of charter schools . You can visit his website at for more information.


Tracy Dunbar is a sought after lecturer and home school advocate

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