New Trump HQ opens in Long Beach

CandidatesCornerBy Michael Hernandez
The Trump campaign opened its headquarters in Long Beach over the weekend. Placing it where it is is clearly a political statement, just by where it is and who staffs and volunteers in it.
Here is a Breitbart piece on the HQ opening. The Cambodian dancers depicted in it were a very nice touch, especially as the new Headquarters is in the “Cambodia Town” section of the city. I went to make contacts and not to cover this story, but here are a few words …
From observations at the event and what attendees said to us later, this event melted down the “MainStream Media’s” stereotypes about who Trump supporters are. In our experience, women and “minorities,” if there is any such thing in Southern California, are well-represented at Trump events.
Blacks for Trump at the Trump HQ opening. Shirley Husar (Afro hairdo), a Trump national delegate, announced the Californian vote for Trump at the RNC Convention this summer. Hear her speak at this event HERE.
Eric Zehnder, retired Huntington Beach general contractor spoke, on “The American Order vs. Globalism.” His thesis was that Globalism is a huge issue, a huge campaign issue and Trump’s position on it is actually the biggest single difference with establishment Progressive Hillary Clinton. It is driving immigration, trade, jobs and foreign policy issues.
Others we met included:
Shirley Husar (Founder/CEO of Urban Game Changer) (Blacks for Trump);
Tristan Aznable;
Tiffanie Jones;
Dr. Estrella Sneider (Latina);
Ben Garcia (veteran);
Jorge Herrera (Latinos For Trump);
Lael Sunny Meagher (Indians For Trump);
Deanne Tate (President/CEO Veterans First who helped co-moderate);
Robin Hvidston, California Coordinator for We The People Rising, plus her team;
Cyndi Vanderhort, California Social Media Consultant for Trump;
Jon Cordova California Communications Director for Trump;
Mark O’Bannon Los Angeles County Social Media Consultant for Trump;
James Shanbrom, Southern California Event Cooordinator for Trump; and
From Blacks for Trumper Clarence Chappell (he’s in the above photo to the right of Afro hairdo Shirley ):
Shirley Husar supports BOTH the Conservative cause and the “Trump/Pence for President” campaign. We had a great time at the Grand Opening Saturday(09/10/2016)of the Trump LA County campaign office in the “Little Cambodia” District of Long Beach, in what many would the “urban community”. There was a standing room only crowd there and, for those who like to question Trump’s ability to reach non-white voters, not only is the office managed and run by people of Asian descent, the crowd was clearly a majority of non-white attendees with a lot of Hispanics/Blacks and many people from various Asian ethnic backgrounds. They were very fired up and passionate in their support for the Trump-Pence ticket.
Sign seen at opening:
Also present was “We The People Rising,” with  Robin Hvidston, Vaughn Becht, Janet West, Raul Rodriguez, Etta Hardin, Millie Hardin, Deann D’Lrean.
We were told by a Trump campaign person that about 200 people were at the event, at various times over the course of the day. We heard larger estimates, too.
Mentioned by one of the Trump staffers on Monday: “We had a blatant Liberal reporter from LA Times today. Came to the office unannounced and asked to see the office. They complied to be polite. Then, as he was being showed the office, several “vols” (volunteers) randomly came in one after the other. He acted like he just hit the jackpot with the diversity he saw…. black, Asian, Latino Female Jewish Millennials in one sitting. Completely threw off the stereotype of white angry men.  He was kind of an “axx” though. Kinda confrontational. They let him interview the vols. He will probably write a hit piece on us. Oh well. The Latino man called the LA Times a filthy rag only good for wrapping fish then told him not to include him in the piece. Then stormed off. LOL. Reporter didn’t seem fazed. Haha. His name (reporter) was Steve Lopez  Don’t follow LA Times just for that reason. So bravo for Latino Rene. LOL.”
FLASH: The Times Lopez article is out and Ms. Gunther was correct:
As you can see the piece was quite opinionated/slanted. But it was in the Times news section, unlike our article, which is an  opinion column and less opinionated. 
The designated Trump campaign media contact did not return calls and an email.
Long Beach Trump headquarters is at 2338 E. Anaheim Street.

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