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    Newbury Park Church hosted Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski | A Warning to America

    By Debra Tash

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who shepherds Street Church in Calgary Canada, addressed a packed house at Godspeak Newbury Park on Monday June 28th 2021.  The pastor grew up in communist Poland and he has stood up to what he sees as oppression in his adopted country.  His story is a warning to America.

    This video, documented by Pawlowski of his April 2021 Passover confrontation with Public Health officers, went viral.  It was the first time government officials had entered his church.

    The pastor told those gathered at Godspeak, “We have been given a gift of freedom”.  He said that the lions haven’t any teeth even though the police arrested him on May 8th for organizing illegal in-person gatherings.  They had followed Pawlowski after a church service and handcuffed him out on a highway.

    This pastor is a lion because of what he experienced under the boot of communists.  In Poland they were told to call the brutal Russian dictator, Grandpa Stalin.  Poles had to stand in lineups, three days just for coffee.  Family members would take shifts so they wouldn’t lose their place.  There were lineups once a week on Saturdays to get the one loaf of bread.  He warned that if you don’t put a check on your government they will take more power.  “Government wants to be your God.”

    His native Poland is at the heart of Europe.  Pawlowski said that liberty is very deep in the Polish people’s DNA.  They had a constitution nearly as old as America’s.  They elected their kings.  The Nazis overran the country in 1939 and then they were “liberated” by the Russians in 1945.  The communists took over and were no better than the Nazi occupation.  In the predominately Catholic country the Russians didn’t want people to believe in God because God competes with them.

    Pawlowski said that “Courage was contiguous.”  In a country where patriotism was punishable by death millions rose up in 1981.  They would no longer comply.  There were just too many resisting the ruling bureaucracy.  The population could no longer be suppressed and the Russians left Poland.

    Like then we need a whole army of God here.  We need to say no to tyrants, to get out.  We need to bring God back into America.  A pastor’s job is help you die, not physically but to self. Yet in much of the west, like in Canada, the churches are failing the people.  Pastors have become businessmen and churches corporations. It’s all about the money.  And this decline has been going on for some time.

    The pandemic has separated the sheep, the goats and the wolves.   Social distancing should have been called physical distancing but it wasn’t because there was an effort to distance people, isolate them.  Masks are a mark of slavery.  They muzzle a person, take away their identity.

    The west no longer runs hot nor cold but lukewarm.  They have tasted God but are not interested.  Pawlowski related a vision he experienced. He saw people sitting on a fence.  That fence is shaken and everyone on it falls to the left or to the right.  No one will be left sitting on the fence.

    Courage is contiguous and Pawlowski has plenty.  He got his first ticket for baptizing people in the local river up in Calgary in 2005.  Someone had reported that he was drowning people.  The aquatic rescue team came in full gear.  No one drowned but the pastor was sited.  Pawlowski has amassed over 300 such tickets.  He’s been ordered to close his homeless ministry during the pandemic on March 2020, leaving the poor with nothing to eat.

    Though he has been victorious in the past, a judgment came down against the pastor and his brother on June 28th, just before Pawlowski addressed the congregation at Godspeak, ‘Deliberate and wilful’: Calgary judge finds men guilty of flouting COVID rules There was no mention of the ruling during the talk.  That ruling may come with sanctions on July 27th.

    Pastor Pawlowski closed with this advise, “Stand in the fire. You will be free.”

    His tour of the United States is being funded by FEC United

    Video: An Evening With Pastor Artur Pawlowski



    Debra Tash is former Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis.

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