Was a newly elected Oxnard official threatened- by Oxnard?

UPDATE: City Manager responds

columnBy Phil MolinaMolinaSpeech
Good People of Oxnard:
Is this a lesson in how to setup at the start a good relationship with newly elected officials?
1. Threaten to cut the departmental budget so that the newly elected City Clerk and/or City Treasurer cannot fulfill their duties and campaign promises;
2. Threaten to sue the newly elected officials if they even try to follow through with their campaign promises; and
3. Just cut the staff so that the daily work cannot be accomplished, claim the problem lies with the elected official and use that to eradicate the elected position(s) and set it up so that the city manager appoints the position(s) instead?
 This is the list I said I would work to accomplish if elected:
1. close all unauthorized bank accounts as directed by the city’s own audit report
2. stop all wire transfers of city funds that are not initiated by the city treasurer, as identified and directed in the city’s own audit
3. pay for a HOTLINE if the city had not done so by the time I’m in office
4. provide an incentive to employees to identify ways in which to improve efficiency and internal controls
5. maximize earnings by consolidating all bank accounts and infusing the cash investment balances; and
6. comply with the recommendations of the city’s auditors 111 audit findings that pertain to the city treasurer’s department.
Additionally I want to assist the internal independent auditor to perform audits on the utilities rates assigned to each customer to assure no reduced rates are in place that the Council has not approved publicly; audit the Transient Occupancy Tax to see if there is still over $2,000,000 owed the city; audit the impact fees to make sure 100% of the fees are being collected and that the fee structure is sound, equitable and fully pays for the impact to the city’s infrastructure from the proposed development; and to make sure all liquid assets and other assets are being properly secured for City purposes. While this is a huge list, it is one I would hope the city manager would join with me, and with a good staff and God’s help we can be successful for the city’s good and those of the Oxnard taxpayers, rather than fight me on these matters.
But sadly and hopefully in error, I’ve heard over the weekend from 2 reputable sources that you, Mr. Nyhoff, assured them if I’m elected you plan to stop me from doing these things by starving my budget. Mr. Nyhoff is this true?  Why would you plan the failure of an elected official instead of trying to work with them to get the best for Oxnard? Is there anything in the list above that is illegal, or that is bad for Oxnard taxpayers? If so let it be known now.
Please tell me that if I’m elected, you fully plan to work together with me and the new city clerk to accomplish our jobs. You will recall at the orientation meeting with the treasurer candidates you assured us that you plan to fully fund the treasurer’s department and provide the staffing needed to accomplish our goals, objectives, and duties. Please confirm your continued intent to be loyal to the elected officials of Oxnard and to follow through on your commitment to us.
If I’m not elected I will provide the newly elected official the courtesy of supporting him/her to accomplish their goals as long as they are legal and in the best interest of Oxnard taxpayers.
Phillip S. Molina
Editor’s note: Mr. Nyhoff’s comments werte solicited. We will report back if/when we receive them.

Phil Molina is a candidate for Oxnard Treasurer,  former Finance Director, whistleblower victorious in court and resident.

UPDATE: City Manager Greg Nyhoff’s comments on Molina’s letter:


Been very busy with Wastewater concerns after getting back from the holidays.
Typically I don’t respond to rumors, speculation and comments such as this.
As you are aware there are several current employees and past employees who have attempted to discredit my integrity and challenge my leadership.  I would say the validity of this issue is similar to the ongoing statements that some claim that I have manufactured the financial crisis that the City has been facing.   
I respect the position of Treasurer and will support whomever is elected with their statutory authority and responsibilities.  
Mr. Molina asking me to tell him that I will work with him as the newly elected Treasurer.  Of course I will.
After 2 plus years of reading emails from Mr. Molina sent to numerous people challenging my ethics, demeaning my leadership, providing his negative opinions about my decisions, shouldn’t I be the one worried about his willingness to work with me??
Just a thought.


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Steven Nash

Great to read Mr. Nyhoff’s response as this gets to many people’s concerns that Mr. Molina still has a vendetta against the city that behaved so atrociously towards he and his family in the past. Phil, it is time to move on. The current city manager is not the one that terminated your employ with the city. You do not further the conservation by making baseless claims and muddying the water with disinformation.

BTW, I voted for Phil as his resume is far and away the best of all the candidates. I do want our Treasurer to be able to speak out on the things he knows best. On legal matters, please, leave that up to the lawyers.

Mr. Molina, who are the “2 reputable sources” you cite in your article? You can’t make unsubstantiated accusations like this. It is unbecoming a Treasurer-Elect. If they spoke to you in confidence then that is as far as it goes. It does not belong on the (digital) pages of a news journal.

I wish you good luck in your elected position and I truly hope you are able to rectify and correct all of the documented deficiencies of that office.