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    News Agency Telling ‘Journalists’ To Promote LGBT Ideology

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    Journalists by large numbers are more liberal than conservative.

    The worldwide Associated Press long promoted an LGBT journalists’ association to its employees, while at the same time declining to even mention an organization for Christian journalists.

    Now the BBC has been caught instructing its journalists to promote the LGBT ideology.

    The Christian Institute reports the broadcaster is “advising journalists to use their influence to advance the LGBT agenda.”

    The instructions come in a “training course” delivered to the BBC by group called Global Butterflies, which instructed journalists to use “their magical ally powers” to access influential people in political and entertainment.

    It was BBC journalist Stephen Nolan, who revealed the training, who explained, “If these new impressionable young trainees are being told at the beginning of their BBC careers to be lobbyists, how is your news impartial?”

    One of those who attended the training told Nolan anonymously that those in attendance were “given a lot of different points of how allies could use their influence” to impose the LGBT ideology on the public.

    “The second you join the BBC, impartiality is hammered into you and how we can’t influence people and you always have to be neutral. So as soon as I saw that I was thinking, ‘Well, how is that impartial?’”

    The training attendee was left confused about “what actually impartiality means because if we are being told one thing that we can’t go ahead and protest or use political influence, and now during a BBC training session, I am now being told to actually go ahead and use my political influence and start a protest.”

    BBC officials claimed the training course was voluntary and the its editorial guidelines are required. They also said the training slide on ally influence would be removed.

    It’s not the first time the BBC has stepped on accuracy for the sake of being politically correct.

    The Christian Institute documented, “Earlier this year, it was revealed that the BBC scrapped male pronouns in reference to an alleged rapist who claimed to be a woman.”

    In fact, the BBC changed “he” and “him” in quotes about a rapist with “they” and “them.”

    The Institute also noted that BBC last year withdrew from the LGBT lobby group Stonewall’s “Diversity Champions” program but immediately joined another coalition that champions Stonewall’s “radical gender ideology.”



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