Newsom Protested by Concerned Citizens being Held Hostage by his Policies


By Richard Eber

Editor’s Note: Seems Governor Newsom tipped his hand today asking for a trillion dollar bailout for the three Western Pacific states, who have apparently mismanaged their own budgets

Protesting the restrictions put upon business by Governor Gavin Newsom to reopen California’s economy, a group of almost 100 concerned citizens from around the Bay Area made their feelings known in front of City Hall in San Francisco Saturday.

These individuals who came from the Central Valley to San Jose had a message for the Governor “Save our jobs. Let the Bay Area go back to work.”

Almost everyone who attended this event felt that the government was overreaching their powers trying to regulate the activities of citizens.  Max of Sacramento commented “we need to stand up for our rights and civil liberties.  These are principles our country was built upon.”  His wife concluded “People are losing their jobs because of this version of communism.

Nicole, who resides in nearby Pacific Heights stated, “This is not the place I grew up in.  Now we have the moral Police lead by Gavin Newsom and London Breed telling us we can’t go outside. Everything seems to be a hate crime. At the same time the Homeless are being given hotel rooms, 3 meals a day along with free drugs and alcohol to feed their habits.  Something is definitely wrong here.”

Even though dozens of cars came by honking their support to the predominantly middle class group of protestors, the news media, except for a small article in the SF Chronicle, ignored this event.  For me this contrasted coverage I witnessed at a Franklin Graham rally in Berkeley a couple years ago when 25 leftist anarchists were given considerable ink by media of a rally with about 5000 in attendance.

What transpired in San Francisco was but a foot note of the frustration felt by private businesses of shutter in place policies of Governor Newsom and local governments all over California.  It is felt predominantly Progressive politicians are stifling the reopening of the economy.

One such individual who has made his opinions known is outspoken founder of Tesla Motors Elon Musk.  He was so angry at local political leaders in Alameda County for not allowing his auto assembly plant in Fremont from reopening production that he flat out said, “Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to Texas/Nevada immediately. If we even retain Fremont manufacturing activity at all, it will depend on how Tesla is treated in the future.”

These comments resonated with several politicians who are concerned what effects losing 10,000 plus jobs might have on the local economy.  Tesla is not a diner or beauty shop.  Even though predominantly leftist elected officials in the region detest the outspoken capitalist Musk, they don’t want to be responsible for running him out of town.

The billionaire entrepreneur, who also founded Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX,) must be taken seriously as past history has shown he is a jury of one when it comes to making decisions about Tesla.

The fact is the employers in the Silicon Valley and throughout California have witnessed an exodus of manufacturing and white collar workers from the State in recent years.  In the past decade thousands of predominantly middle class families faced with meager work prospects and unaffordable housing costs have departed the Golden State.

For the first time since California entered the Union  over 150 years ago, there is a real chance they will lose a congressional seat because of population stagnation.  When one considers these gainfully employed individuals have been replaced by increased numbers of homeless and undocumented immigrants from South of the border, California’s future prosperity is very much in doubt.

Apparently the protestors did not garner much attention last Saturday.  Gavin Newsom on a State level and London Breed in San Francisco do not feel the heat to change their Progressive agenda.

Plans are going on to revive the failed the commercial property tax increase defeated in March.  Leaders in the legislature show no indication for promoting policies to encourage development of residential housing.  Imposing rent control, mandatory use of solar energy, making the cost of land and energy more expensive, do not seem to be a prescription for encouraging housing starts.

Even worse their unholy alliance with Green New Deal environmentalists desire to kill agri-business in the State by restricting water usage for farming. No consideration is given to how private enterprise and families are affected when unelected bureaucrats determine how natural resources are to be allocated.

At the same time the socialists in Sacramento believe the revenues generated to operate government in the past will continue to increase in coming years.  Are these people nuts?

Billionaires   such as Elon Musk can’t be expected to bankroll failed policies from Sanctuary Cities, public education, and the construction of stack and pack housing few families desire to live in?  The question we will soon be raised; How long can this dystopian fantasy continue?

Gavin Newsom and his Attorney General   Xavier Becerra, who have suing the Trump Administration for the past 3 years for everything imaginable, expect the Federal Government to bail them out of the bankrupt morass they have created.  With virtually no chance to carry California in the election this fall, there is little incentive for the President to lift a finger to help mitigate their 54 billion plus deficit.

Why in the world would Trump believe bailing out CalPERS and CalSTERS from their 1 trillion dollar hole is a national priority?  Can he or Congress expect to subsidize Cap and Trade or eliminate the construction of any petrochemical plants in the coming years?  The sad reality is that Gavin Newsom is leading his constituents down the yellow brick road drenched in red ink that is leaving a stain for generations to come.

Though few are aware of the largely symbolic protest in San Francisco last Saturday, it is likely a preview of coming attractions for California.  As one of the organizers for the event Clint Griess commented,

“The people gathered here today are true Americans. We’re fighting for common sense, a rational response to the pandemic based on sound science. We refuse any unlawful ordinance that infringes on our Constitutional rights. Our voices combined with thousands across the state today are sending a message to Newsom and Bay Area counties that we refuse their tyrannical medical establishment edicts that have ruined the economy and caused widespread financial insecurity for the average working Californian

Even though Griess is the Executive Director of the San Francisco Republican Party, those who attended the protest were non partisan in nature. A sign which read “Democrats Against Gavin Newsom” was typical of many who expressed their displeasure in front of the City Hall statue of Abraham Lincoln.


Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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