No, Both Sides Don’t!


By Michael Greer

With the escalating harassment and violence directed at those on the Right, Liberal pundits keep saying it comes from both sides. NO, IT DOESN’T! They then cite Charlottesville and a Tea Partier spitting on Congressman John Lewis and calling him the “N” word. They say the Tea Party was no different than the anti-Kavanaugh protestors. 

Let’s start with Charlottesville. This was an “Alt-Right” event. Let’s be very clear, the “Alt-Right” is neither Republican or Conservative. White Supremacy has never been part of the Right. White Supremacy, segregation, KKK, Jim Crow are ALL from the Left. Richard Spenser, who organized Charlottesville, believes we are part of a collective and that our rights come from government. He doesn’t believe in individual Liberty. Conservative Republicans have nothing in common with the Alt-Right. Regardless, that doesn’t prevent the Left from calling everyone on the Right “Alt-Right”, but we can’t allow them to get away with it. Calling us “Alt-Right” is another Big Lie repeated over and over until it’s believed. 

The other Big Lie is that a Tea Partier spit in Congressman John Lewis’s face and that numerous people used the “N” word. I know this didn’t happen because I was there. I was taking a group of Tea Partiers into the tunnels between the Capitol and the office buildings. I was on the steps going into the office building when the group with Lewis arrived. Lewis was followed by Jesse Jackson Jr. with an iPhone in each hand recording everything. It is obvious the group was trying to provoke the anti-Obamacare protestors. As I mentioned, there are tunnels connecting the Capitol and the office buildings. There was no need for them to walk through the crowd of protestors. At one point Lewis stopped and stood in front of a protestor. The crowd was chanting, “Kill the Bill” but no one used the “N” word or spit in his face. Since they couldn’t entrap or provoke anyone, they just made it up. There were hundreds of cameras and cell phones in the crowd, as well as Jesse Jackson Jr’s two, filming what happened. Andrew Breitbart offered a million dollars if anyone had a video proving Lewis was spit on or the “N” word was used. I have no doubt Jesse Jackson Jr. would have been happy to claim the reward……..if he could have. 

I can speak with some confidence about the actions of the Tea Party. I traveled to DC seven times during the Obama administration for protests and rallies. I also went to every Tea Party rally within a hundred miles of Los Angeles. I was an organizer of two Tea Parties. Unlike the Left, we never broke a window, looted a store, burned a car, blocked traffic, threw things or hit anyone. We never told our members to “get in people’s faces”. We never told them to harass members of the Obama administration. We told everyone to be peaceful and respectful and they were. 

Certainly, there was the odd person, here or there, with a sign that insulted Obama. We always made that person leave or get rid of the sign. Of course, someone would have taken a picture of that person before they got rid of the sign and published it to claim it represented the Tea Party. But these examples were the exception. I’ve often wondered if those people weren’t plants. Our events were always peaceful. 

When I took the group of Tea Partiers into the tunnels, the Commander of the Capitol police came over and introduced himself to me. He asked me to keep the group against the walls and not block the halls and to try to keep our voices down because it echoed down there. I told him to tell his officers to let me know if there was a problem and I’d take care of it. He said, “Oh, I’m not worried about you. I’ve never had to arrest one of you and you clean up after yourselves”. Do I need to point out HUNDREDS of Kavanaugh protestors were arrested? Do I need to point out the TONS of trash left them and during the Obama administration by Occupy Wall Street”? 

I went to Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Rally in DC. They estimate the crowd as being in excess of 600,000. I sat in the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial because I wanted to see how big the crowd was. There were no signs, just masses of happy people who love America. Several times I went down into the crowd. It was shoulder to shoulder but no one pushed or shoved. People just moved so you could move through them. People helped others pass through. Mounted police rode through the crowd and people patted the horses and moved aside. And as it broke up, and people left, there wasn’t a piece of paper on the ground. 

Can anyone name when the Right rioted to prevent a Liberal from speaking on a college campus? How about hitting people with bicycle locks? Show me where the Right screamed at members of Congress or protested in front of their homes. Or threatened the lives of their children? Or shouted people out of restaurants. Who calls who racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamophobes, Xenophobes, etc? How many on the Left have been censored on social media? How many College Professors are afraid to say they are Liberal? How many Democrat members of Congress have been shot? For that matter, how many mass shooters are Conservatives or members of the NRA? 

No, the disrespect, lawlessness, and violence does NOT and NEVER HAS come from the Right. And we can’t allow the media to keep saying it does.

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is:

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