No on the CA gas tax



By Eric Eisenhammer

For those of us who commute to work every day, drive pickups, vans, SUV’s and even large trucks, a trip to the gas station can pack quite a wallop. Now, a San Francisco hedge fund billionaire has announced a proposal to increase oil taxes by billions.

If he succeeds, gas prices will go up even more, good jobs will be lost and California will become more dependent on fuel imports.

Click here to read an article by small business advocate John Kabateck about why the proposal is a terrible out-of-touch idea.

NO on the gas tax!

It’s important we make ourselves heard on behalf of access to good jobs and affordable gas, so we have re-launched our website,, where we have posted a fact sheet on the proposal, petition and action center. We will update the site continually as developments occur.

GasWe have also re-launched our NO on the gas tax Facebook page.  

Click here to “like” NO on the gas tax and then share the page with your friends to spread the word.

Because gas tax proponent Tom Steyer is a billionaire, he will be able to saturate the airwaves with ads in favor of his harmful proposal.

Steyer, is motivated by ideology and a desire for political self-promotion rather than concern for ordinary citizens. He has stated, “I am kind of a crazed person when it comes to energy.”

To prevent Steyer from defining the debate, we have created a plan to initially reach 760,000 Californians who have a high propensity to both engage in political activism and to oppose Mr. Steyer’s gas tax.

To reach these Californians and counter Mr. Steyer’s gas tax, we would like to ask for you to help us with your most generous contribution right now.

Click here to donate to the Coalition of Energy Users.

Thank you so much for your support.



Eric Eisenhammer


Coalition of Energy Users


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