No on Ventura County Measure AA- Sales Tax Increase

stomach arial, sans-serif;”>EditorialBy Ventura County Taxpayers Association

VCTAsqTraffic congestion, delays, long commute times and a general inability to get where you are going in a predictable, let alone reasonable time, are a concern to anyone who drives in Ventura County. A transportation plan that would address these issues would be welcome by VCTA. Measure AA is not that plan. VCTA opposes Measure AA for the following reasons:

– Ventura County has urgent and obvious transportation needs. The 101 freeway is chief among them. Yet only 26% of measure AA funds are allocated for a freeway program or regional roads and freight movement. This is not an urgent response nor is it an obvious one when half the revenue raised will go to a grab bag of unspecified projects. This is not a transportation plan we support. The Commission needs to do better.

– When did the current tax rate become not enough? Roads are a basic
service we already pay taxes for yet 50% of measure AA funds will go for
local streets and roads. It’s time local agencies are held accountable for
the spending of funds they already receive. We are seeing erosion in
services throughout the County. Yet cities like Ventura, for example,
continue to give generous pay increases (including BONUSES!!), do
nothing to stem the growing pension burden and then ask for higher taxes
still. If we need more money for basic services, we need a change in
policies and a change in our elected representatives.

– The county we live in actively discourages the economic growth that would
deliver increased tax revenues and increased incomes for our residents
yet we are being asked the most contradictory thing – tax ourselves more.
We don’t need new taxes, we need changed thinking and changes in
policy and changes in leadership of our local governments.

– This is a brand new tax. The people that will be impacted the most are the
ones least able to afford it. Just raising taxes is not the answer. We need a
change in policy.

– We are told that to get our fair share of the federal taxes we have already
paid, we have to raise and pay more taxes. This outlandish argument is
based on an outlandish policy. We need a change in policy. Voters need
to stop sending the wrong people to Washington.

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Gary Hansen

Hey Bill,

Aren’t you a retired teacher who also receives a pension…Just saying.

William "Bill" Hicks

That’s restriping projects

William "Bill" Hicks

If they weren’t so greedy for matching funds for Bike Lanes, maybe there’d be enough funds for general road maintenance. If you want to see a failure to address crowded streets, just look at the road respiring projects in Thousand Oaks and see Bike Lanes, Parking Lanes, and Turn Lane Cutouts that all reduce the ability of traffic to flow at a reasonable rate.