No Right to Rent? Cities barring property owners from renting out

Editor’s note: This has also been a big regional issue, especially in the beach areas: Silverstrand & Hollywood Beaches, Mandalay Bay/Seabridge/Westport, Mandalay Shores and Pierpont Beach and of course Ojai, referenced in the linked article.

Mandalay Shores 1-8-16 009

Mandalay Shores, Oxnard beach area. Photo: George Miller/

Homeowners, beware.

Property rights advocates say the right to rent is being threatened at the local government level, as cities across the country push restrictions on exactly how and to whom Americans can lease out their lofts and living quarters.

The California city of Ojai earlier this year voted to make all rentals under 30 days illegal, according to a recent report. Airbnb rentals have faced regulatory challenges everywhere from New York to San Francisco. And several Minnesota cities have imposed limits on renting, drawing legal challenges but no resolution in the courts.

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Bruce Boyer

This excellent news! Because it will force the struggle for Property Rights as to rent back up front!
The taking of a private property for public use under whatever ‘rent-control’ restriction is one that Constitutionally must be compensated for. The taking of rent for ‘the public good’ would be akin to forcing Ralph’s Markets to donate the groceries instead of taking food stamps/EBT payments. These takings of property ar e exactly that, takings, as such the property woner must be compensated. If a taking for short term is unconstitutional, then a long term one must be as well, could not be that longterm taking w/o compensation is Const yet short is unconst.
Rent control came about because the Coutrs allowed the takings as politicians bought votes at the expense of landlord property owners, who were outvoted, now the property owners are the only voters in the game. There will be cities that will legi=slate against theses short term rentals because they can get away with it, that will force the showdown!