No thanks, Mr. Munger

CashPipelineBy Debra Tash

I have been a registered Republican all my voting life.  However, lately I’ve been thinking, not of leaving the party, I tried that twice and for various reasons, reenlisted again in this sinking ship.  No, what I’ve been thinking about is how the party has left me for, well, the left. 

I understand Ronald Reagan, which many of our Repubs today have enshrined in their oratories, experienced the same shunning we, as conservative members of this party, are currently having to endure.  And much like in Reagan’s day, the party is experiencing upheavals as moderates, and outright left of Mao RINO’s, attempt to push out those who believe in God and Country and that the former granted us the latter.  And much like in the Great Communicator’s time, it’s the monied side of the party that is doing its best to drive it straight into the arms of the Progressives.

Charles T. Munger Jr., son of Warren Buffett’s partner, seems to have more money than sense–that is if you want to believe he’s naive.  He is massively funding an Independent Expenditure (IE).  According to the Sacramento Bee, Munger’s PAC: “’Spirit of Democracy California’, has spent more than $1.6 million through Friday on ads and mailers on behalf of candidates.”  Well, it would seem, Mr. Munger has plenty of sense about what he’s doing to the Republican Party in this state.  He is largely responsible for bringing us the open primary ballot initiative in 2010, which helped neuter the Republicans in California.  Now Mr. Munger, a Stanford physicist, is making sure to totally emasculate them.

Besides trying to drive out Tea Party type conservatives like Tim Donnelly who is running for governor, Munger is using the silver spoon he was born with to elect Mario de la Piedra to the Assembly seat Jeff Gorell vacated in the 44th District.  Now I’m not saying anything bad about Mr. de la Piedra, but then I don’t have all that much good to say about him either. He’s young, very young, and like untempered metal he has so little life experience that having him as the Republican candidate will insure a Democratic win.  In other words, seasoned politico, Jacqui Irwin will eat him for lunch.  So far, Munger has poured $300,000 into this local race.



With the money raining down from corporate and wealthy interests all over the country to the Republicans, perhaps, I should not have been surprised when I got a charming flyer in the mail giving me a warning about Tim Donnelly, or hearing droning ads on the radio for de la Piedra.  After all money talks and if the Republicans keep this up, their base walks.  This is my own “urgent warning” to the Party.  I hope for once they are listening to us.

(the “Munger Games” web site writes about the bad influence of Munger on CA politics)


Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis

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