Now Americans are signing petition to jail ‘anti-vaxxers’

If they refuse to take shot, 'we'll arrest them'

Man-in-the-street interview activist Mark Dice has released a video showing many, many Americans willingly signing a petition to have those who have not taken the experimental COVID vaccines arrested and jailed.


Several exclaimed “Yes” when Dice droned on about how “we don’t need those people walking among us,” and “we’ll have to decide for them what’s best.”

There were several who accused Dice of being a socialist for advocating such extreme government intervention in individual lives, and one astute passer-by took Dice out with “This is a joke.”

This person noted that those who signed? “They’re all idiots.”

The Gateway Pundit was among the sites posting the video online.

There, Dice was described as a “heavily censored YouTube creator.”

“This time, even he seemed shocked at the responses he received,” the report commented. “In his most recent social experiment, he hit the streets of California to find out how many people would support forcing their fellow Americans to get the jab under the threat of jail time.”

His petition was titled “Arrest Non-Vaxers,” and many simply signed without even reading.

The comments pointed out the video reveals Dice making “more and more ridiculous statements in an attempt to see where the vaxtivists would draw the line on trampling other people’s freedoms.”

He tells one signer, “We can put them into jail to make them think about why it is they are refusing.” The woman happily signs, with “Well that’s what I think should happen.”

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FUCK YOU ALL REPUBLICANTS AND THEIR CABAL AND ILK!! Hope you all die and now from civid19 youre just too Godamn selfish to live and by the way youre fanasty god wont save you!! All republicants are rascists fascists terrorists massmurderers childrapists and Joesph Goebbles would be proud. Die now assholes youre not the only ones on earth and yes virginia its science not fantasy and the earth is 4.5B years old.


Good article. Now I know about the petition, and will sign it.


Good thing we have a judicial system to resolve such disputes. I’ve heard some people try to resolve issues in message boards. What a bunch of idiots!


WOW….how incredibly…..WOW. What a bunch of narcissistic people who believe they have the right to chose what anyone else chooses for their own bodies. Let’s remember that this is a EUA not an approved drug yet and we have the right to wait and see what the long-term effects will be, if it actually works in the first place, and if it will actually be approved. We have the right to make an informed decision. You have no right to dictate what someone else should do with their body. You are not The Creator, you did not designate this body to me, you do not in any way own me and I owe you nothing. If your vaccine works then I and all other unvaccinated people are no threat to you. We are only a threat if it doesn’t work. And if it doesn’t work then why push us to get it? Common sense, it either works or it doesn’t. If it does and you are so confident then you have nothing to worry about.


It the vaccines are FDA certified. The definition of narcissist is:
a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

Which sound like you, since you are a selfish cow. How does this affect others, well all the kids who can’t get the vaccine are affected. Also, people are dying from a lack of medical care because all you pro-covid whack jobs are taking up all the resources. The vaccine mandate is supported by Supreme Court decisions. So, don’t travel, don’t go out, don’t work, don’t join the military, and stop being a perceptual victim.


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Michael A...

He asks typical Californian’s EASY questions. No, beyond EASY questions like who was Joe Biden a Vice President for? Or who is governor of California? Remarkable how many have NO clue or don’t care. These idiots vote, and they vote for ‘you-know-who’s’.

Mike Smith

“Mark Dice does these petitions to see how dumb people are.”

But this is not the main take-away.

The main take-away with THIS one is We, The People now get to see the faces and true character of people who most surely vote pro-totalitarian (i.e. Democrat) from the comfy anonymity of the ballot box every two and four years.

With enough exposés like this, enough good Americans will wake up in time.

Last edited 4 days ago by Mike Smith

Where can I go to sign the petition about arresting anti-vaxxers? Is there a link?


Alfonso: You’ll need a time machine to go back to Nazi Germany.


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Melinda Lunsford

Than if it doesn’t work which they have already said “ Dispite getting it you CAN STILL GET AND PASS IT” THAN YOU BETTER BE READY TO GO TO MORON!!


We pro-vaccine people don’t die or use up hospital resources. We should arrest you dunces.


Did anyone NOT see this coming ?


I think the petition is a great idea. Why did it take this long?