NR columnist praises Trump’s positions

Never Trumpniks Pave Hillary’s Path to Power

MurdockDeroyBy Deroy Murdock

Short of diving headfirst from atop his eponymous tower, Donald J. Trump seems unable to satisfy the Never Trump crowd.

Perhaps the most aggravating thing about Trump’s mortal enemies on the right — many of whom I have known and admired for decades — is that they refuse to take “yes” for an answer.

Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Sen. Ted Cruz, columnist George Will and others complain that Trump is a nonconservative, crypto-Democrat — Hillary Clinton with orange hair.

No doubt, Trump’s trade policies violate conservative doctrine on the free exchange of goods and services across borders. Also, Trump’s frequent inability to mute his internal monologue maddens even his most avid supporters.

However, on policy issues and political judgments, Trump has done the “right” thing — only to hear catcalls from the very conservatives who should welcome his major strides in their direction.


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Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor and a contributing editor with National Review Online. He is a veteran of the 1980 and ’84 Reagan for President campaigns and was a communications consultant to Forbes 2000, the presidential bid of publisher Steve Forbes. Murdock has participated in numerous events sponsored by the Club for Growth, the Federalist Society, and the Heritage Foundation.


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