NRA responds to Obama “gun control” messages





By George Miller

Some people don’t care for the National Rifle Association, but it was the organization which brokered the so-called “assault weapons” ban (now expired) and federal background checks for gun purchases. Of course this may be what some others don’t care for, but they did preserve the most of the Second Amendment.

In the short video below, NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre points out that all the laws needed to stop most gun violence are already on the books and just need to be enforced. He chides the Obama administration for not doing this and tells them they don’t need still more unconstitutional “laws” to accomplish it.



But, instead, we get this from Obama…..

It is complete with his patronizing, pedantic hectoring rhetoric.  See what I mean?  It is full of inaccuracies and ineffective, illegal approaches to what is going on in this country. It doesn’t even come close to addressing the underlying causes of violence. If implemented, it would result, at best, in more defenseless People and more crime. It seems as if President Obama, unlike any of his predecessors, is not culturally or spiritually with our country. He seems clueless that it is very different from Australia or Great Britain, which he offers as gun ban poster boys. He will not “transform” us into them. In fact, the transformation train is about to reverse itself furiously.

Does he know that Great Britain’s violence rate is now four times that of the USA?  Does he know that the U.S. is NOT those countries, has a very different history, culture and demographics? Does he know that a gun confiscation stunt will have disastrous results for its perpetrators and the country as a whole?  Does he know that gun deaths have plunged 50% since 1992 and that he may likely reverse that trend? Does he know that 60% of gun deaths are suicides?  Does he know that 49% are committed by a single ethnic group comprising only 13% of the population?  Does he know that the gun homicide rate in the top 100 metro areas is double the rate in the entire USA and that in rural white areas it is similar to European levels?  Does he know that, after suicide, most gun deaths are gang and drug-related?

Like he says, there are at least 300 million guns in private — American — hands. That is by design. Our founders wanted that for The People, the real reason being to protect themselves from harm from any quarter- even our own government. And thankfully, 99.9+% of those weapons are never used for anything but target shooting and hunting.


… and we also get this from Obama- it has been widely panned across the political spectrum:

This is supposed to stop the most aggressive, successful terrorist movement in history, which he helped create and nurture, by the way?  Basically, he will continue with a failing strategy.

Stopping terrorism, which his administration was trying to tell us didn’t exist, is a different story. Our porous borders and immigration enforcement are a joke. Most domestic terrorists left a trail of clues- not acted upon. Ditto mentally/emotionally disturbed killers. Let’s get serious about acting on them.

We have disastrous”leadership,” whether by incompetence, by design, or some of both. Somehow, we need to motivate our elected officials to act appropriately, or replace them with those who will.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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