Obama declared Congress obsolete





By Tom Smith

Today at NOON PST on a televised press conference, Obama declared Congress obsolete. 

He doesn’t need Congress, he said, he will ACT ALONE.

Moreover, he declared that he will not enforce the existing immigration laws.  He said that the laws were too confusing to be enforced.  Instead he offered to sendboot.tryant attorneys, judges and social workers to the border to welcome tens of thousands and soon hundreds of thousands of undocumented Democrats at the border with all the help that our VETS do not get at the Veteran hospitals and that our millions of unemployed workers only wished they would get.   In large part Obama has been encouraged to step up his imperial stance for the lack of push back from Congress and from the opposition Party, the GOP.  If Obama is responsible for the surge of unaccompanied foreigners storming our borders by his messaging to would-be-illegal-aliens, then the GOP is responsible for Obama’s audacity by their mixed and/or accommodating messaging regarding the Rule of Law and the Oath to Obey and Protect the Constitution.  This situation requires Congress to demand the Executive to enforce the laws that Congress has passed and that the Executive not be allowed to become an Imperial Executive.

Obama is now officially a TYRANT.

Congress will shrink and Boehner, rather than stand up for the Constitution and defending the role of Congress and the separation of powers, will be cowed,  if experience guides us.

Paul Revere, if he lived today, would sound off on the threat to all Americans and the media would report the danger and his heroic deed.  But Paul Revere lives no longer and the media is part of a regime that wants to fundamentally transform the nation that treats the Constitution as an old and staunchly antiquated worthless document.


The long version(if you can stand it) ….

I know what I would do if I were a congressman.  I would get on the floor and ask every congressman to join me in raising our hands and yell in concert at the top of their lungs, “I will not be cowed by a tyrant!”

Mr. Smith lives in Ventura County with his family


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