Obama Welcoming Committee at the San Bernardino International Airport

By George Miller

Groups protest Obama, ISIS, policies on terrorism and immigration

The news today was about the Obamas’ Friday visit (on their way to an annual Hawaiian vacation) to Indian Springs High School with the families of the victims of the ISIS-inspired San Bernandino shootings. Obama used the visit to console the families, assure people that they will be kept safe and also exploited it as a platform to push gun control, even incorrectly implying that this could have prevented such attacks.

Several activist organizations we contacted, such as ION (Impeach Obama Now) and We the People Rising, were hesitant to protest near the crime scene or near homes where victim’s families might be, so they elected to picket on streets outside the San Bernardino International Airport where Obama arrived.

There were people there from other organizations, such as America First Latinos. From their web site: “Our members take pride in being Latinos, but most importantly being Americans. We believe in The Constitution while embracing our culture. Our focus is on the issues impacting the Latin American community and our families. The vast majority of Latino citizens solidly support the U.S. Constitution and a secure border. We believe in the rule of law, hard work and the American Dream.”

What were they protesting? They believe that the Obama administration policies for immigration and terrorism are entirely too lax and have contributed to additional terrorist activity worldwide, in the USA and specifically, in San Bernardino. Some also protested ISIS and terrorism. We the People Rising is an illegal immigration protest group, while ION is focused on the removal of Obama from office. Other activist groups, such as the Redlands Tea Party, are in agreement with those objectives, but believed this was not the best event to make their points.

You will note that other news services and even the local San Bernardino Press-Enterprise we monitored did not publicize the protest activity, organized by Roger Ogden of ION, with two exceptions.  The LA Times acknowledged two protestors, but you can see just from the photos and video herein that there were more, in several groups. Reuters also covered Paul Rodriguez’s participation (see below).

Per Ogden” ….we think it is extremely disrespectful to the families of the victims for Obama to show up for a meeting without admitting that his actions and policies gave rise to the ISIS terrorists, who murdered the members of their families. His same actions and policies, which continue unabated, will certainly cause the deaths of many more innocents in the future.”

What follows is not by CitizensJournal.us, but is a release from the activist group We the People Rising, which also participated, protesting illegal immigration, ISIS and Obama ….

VIDEO – Obama Arrives 


The families of victims were not at the San Bernardino International Airport – they were at a nearby high school – when Obama departed the airport in the presidential motorcade. The Impeach Obama protest was the initial group staging as Obama drove by in the motorcade…

Obama Welcoming Committee at the San Bernardino International Airport


This is a preliminary report – Roger Ogden’s full report to follow.

Roger Ogden organized an ISIS/Terrorist protest at 3pm – five hours before Obama arrived – at the busy intersection south of the Inland Regional Center, the site of the terrorist attack. There were no family members of the victims present.  

Signs targeted terrorism and ISIS. The community was extremely supportiveMany people drove by and filmed – giving the thumbs up. Truckers honked. 


A woman and her 11 year old daughter were so grateful they observed at the rally line, and the 11 year old daughter eventually held a sign and joined in chants against ISIS. A man who owned a gas station across the street – said he was from Cambodia – profusely thanked the group. The support was nonstop.  The community has been grieving, mourning and righteously prayerful BUT the community seemed ecstatic that a group showed up to demonstrate in strong opposition to ISIS and terrorism.

Reuters Photo of Raul Rodriguez below

Raul Rodriguez Jr. of America First Latinos protests against ISIS across from a makeshift memorial for victims of the San Bernardino shooting, ahead of President Obama's visit with the victims' families in San Bernardino, California
Raul Rodriguez Jr. of America First Latinos protests against ISIS across from a makeshift memorial for victims of the San Bernardino shooting, ahead of President Obama’s visit with the victims’ families in San Bernardino, California.

Los Angeles Times Photo of Deann D’Lean


Anti-Obama protester Deann D’Lean, right, holds some of the many signs she brought to a small protest. In the background, Paul Rodriguez, Jr., with America First Latinos holds a bullhorn. Protesters were out on some San Bernardino street corners voicing their opposition to the president and Islamic State.


ICE RELEASED 30,000 convicted criminal aliens in 2014 (and another 36,000 in 2013), according to data obtained by the House Judiciary Committee. The president’s executive actions are part of a larger strategy to allow as many illegal aliens as possible to remain in the United States. That policy has added to the 347,000 convicted criminal aliens who are currently released into the interior, 1,400 of whom are known to have committed new crimes. Their victims are collateral damage of federal government’s sanctuary policies.

OBAMA SANCTIONED PRISON RELEASE: 36,000 deportable criminals released back onto U.S. soil in 2013, which included murderers, rapists, and child molesters.http://lamarsmith.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/smith-ice-authorizes-worst-prison-break-in-history


“…Catholic Charities gets billions of taxpayer dollars for refugee resettlement and general immigration services, which puts it into the category of a smallish government agency. For example, in 2010, 62 percent of Catholic Charities’ budget was funded by the unwilling taxpayer. The feds and the Catholic bishops are partners.”


George Soros funded organizations: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=1237

Every congress member is given an annual budget to cover staff salaries, travel to and from the home district, official mail to constituents and other office necessities. The budgets vary. The average budget for 2011 was $1.45 million.
USA Today http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/washington/story/2012-04-05/house-office-expenses-cutbacks/54056520/1Updated 4/6/2012 8:36


George Miller is Publisher of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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