Obamacare: Illegitimate Law of the Land


By Michael Greer

Liberal talking heads keep chanting the mantra that ObamaCare is the “law of the land,” passed by the two houses of Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court.  They tell us we need to stop fighting and just accept it. 

Let’s take a look at how legitimately this “law of the land” was made and upheld.  When HR3200 was passed by the House, Nancy Pelosi was Speaker and both houses had a Democrat majority. The Senate had a super majority of 60.  Conservatives did a remarkable thing.  In one of the bluest states in the country we elected Republican Scott Brown in Ted Kennedy’s seat to break the Senate super majority.  As we high fived and celebrated our win, Harry Reid changed the rules. ObamaCare needed to be passed by a super majority and Reid wasn’t even sure he could get 60 Democrats to vote for it. Polls showed more than 60% of the population didn’t want it.  So Reid changed the rules to make ObamaCare a reconciliation bill that can’t be filibustered and only needs a simple majority (51 votes) to pass.  

I was in DC the weekend before the Senate vote, December 2009, to try to influence Senators not to pass it.  I witnessed firsthand how the sausage was made.  We all know there is a good deal of arm twisting done to pass controversial bills. But it’s normally bribing them with some big project they want for their state or some big job they want, but this was different.  Tens of thousands of us descended on the Senate office buildings and spent hours in Senators’ offices.  Aides tipped us off to what was going on.  Senators weren’t just being bribed. Chicago thug tactics were being used. Their children and their family’s futures were being threatened.  Any secrets they had were known and threatened to be revealed.  Remember this was necessary to even get a simple majority.  Well, they succeeded…..without a single Republican vote.  No entitlement bill, no bill with such far reaching consequences has ever been passed under these circumstances. Never in our history has a bill with public opinion against it and not a single partisan vote been passed.  Saul Alinsky would be so proud. 

I went back to DC the weekend the House was to vote, March 2010.  There were probably 50 thousand of us. We surrounded the Capitol building and said the Lord’s Prayer and sang God Bless America. I think they knew we were there.  Polls still showed more than 60% of the people didn’t want the government to take over healthcare.  Groups of us sat in the House Gallery to make our “will” known while others of us went to the House office buildings going from office to office making our will known, and still more of us went into the tunnels that connected the Capitol to the office buildings and lobbied Congressmen as they passed back and forth.  

By this time, of course, the Tea Party was being Alinskyed.  Liberals and the mainstream media were demonizing and marginalizing us, calling us extremists, astro turf, paid by “K” street, etc. They did everything they could to incite us.  Pelosi carried her big gavel and the Black Caucus marched through our ranks in an attempt to cause an incident they could publicize. When nothing happened they made something up.  The end justifies the means. 

You may remember Congressman Stupak and a group of Democrats holding out because they didn’t want funding for abortions.  Obama promised Stupak by Executive Order there would be no funding for abortions, but we all know it was a worthless promise. I don’t know what they threatened Stupak with but it was vile enough for him to announce right after ObamaCare was passed that he would not seek another term. In fact, quite a few members of Congress retired  after this.  

The dirty tricks never ended.  Our permit to use the Capitol lawn ended at sundown.  The Liberals bussed in union members to harass us. Since we no longer had exclusive use of the area they surrounded us and shouted at us.  A group carrying Obama flags marched through our ranks to stand between us and the Capitol.  The Capitol police formed a human shield between us and our tormentors.  They responded by hoisting women on their shoulders to yell at us over the heads of the police. Several men ran through our group and pushed people down. It was obvious again they were attempting to cause us to respond in kind but we didn’t. We sang and we prayed. 

About 10:30PM on Sunday night the vote came in and ObamaCare passed with not a single Republican vote and 39 Democrats voting against it.  This was not an example of governing at the “Will of the People”.  It was not an example of a representative government.  We didn’t want ObamaCare.  It was shoved down our throats. 

To say ObamaCare was upheld by the Supreme Court is not accurate.  As we listened to Justice Roberts ruling we were elated because he kept saying what was unconstitutional about it…..and then at the last minute he twisted into a pretzel and said but since it was a tax (although the Feds argued it was NOT a tax). Congress had the right to impose taxes.  Although I have no proof, it is obvious to me after watching the tactics used to pass ObamaCare, that Roberts was “convinced” to find a way to uphold it. 

ObamacareHHSmandateThis bill will change America in ways we’ve never imagined and it was passed using Chicago thug tactics.  We have every reason to fight it and continue to fight it.  It’s our responsibility to stand against this kind of thuggery.  

As for the Liberal talking heads who keep saying “it’s the law of the land,”  I don’t hear them saying that about our immigration laws, or the 700 mile fence, or DOMA or many laws this administration has chosen not to enforce. 


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