Obama’s Parade


By Steve Bowers

Your Prez intends to send a group of self-outed homosexuals to represent America in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Russia. This is silly because:

1)      The “gay community” does not and is not representative of our populace. About a decade ago a very reputable pollster, with no axe to grind, trotted out statistics indicating less than 2% of American males had ever had any sort of homosexual experience and most of those did not repeat the experience. Ever.  The “gay community” went, predictably, bonkers. They did not appreciate the poll. They did not try to refute the poll. It was independent and had always been reliable before.  The “gay community” did not attempt to rebut the poll figures and evidence with their own evidence or numbers. (Which indicates they had neither.) They just tried to shout the poll numbers down because they didn’t like them.  This is a typical tactic of the lefties. When they disapprove, their first resort is name-calling and fake accusations. Their targets are always vilified as “racists” or worse. An appalling example was the last free election in Zimbabwe. The former Rhodesia had experienced some degree of apartheid or other form of oppression of its native black population. A black man was standing for prime minister or something against a white guy.

The election was close, I recall, but the white guy won. Naturally, the world press went wild. They were certain the elections had been rigged. How else could a white guy win? Bishop Tutu began shooting his mouth off and everyone demanded something be done. (Tutu is that guy who is always wishing his political enemies were “in Hell,” which seems a strange “wish” for a “bishop.”) Something was done. I don’t recall how, but the white guy stepped down and the black guy stepped up. I don’t remember a recount of the votes. One of the new PM’s earlier “executive orders” was to name himself “President for Life.” And that is where Robert Mugabe came from. One of his only known and most significant accomplishments (aside from redistributing his nations wealth into his own bank account) was the redistributing of the nation’s raw sewage from functioning (and probably oppressive colonial) sewer systems into the street surfaces of Pretoria. I may not have the facts down exactly, but the essentials are correct and who wants to bother looking this stuff up?

At any rate, the “shout down” of facts that don’t suit or fit your leftist ideology is a time honored tactic of the creepy Left. It works whether you’re trying to ignore a legitimate poll or an election in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia.

Please, also, note that I do not think or intend to imply that black men cannot run a country’s chief executive office effectively.  I know Justice Thomas or Alan Keyes or Frederic Douglas or Doctor Carson or…Condoleeza Rice (regardless of the length of her stylish boots) could do a crackerjack job of it. Actually if a guy can regularly save infants in a neo-natal neurosurgery operating room, I bet he could have actually “saved” General Motors instead of just saddling the country with GM’s stupid union debt. Actually, the ability to run a country has little to do with one’s race or ethnicity and a great deal to do with whether the person is a Marxist. They cannot run anything well (except death camps, mass starvation campaigns or Cambodia for a few years) because they mentally live in a fantasy world where they are gods. (Did I neglect to mention that Mugabe is a Marxist? At least I think he was/is. The press has ignored him since he started destroying Zimbabwe. Keep moving. Nothing to see in Zimbabwe.)

2)      To have limited the President’s personally designated group of “gays” to those mentioned thus far seems manifestly unfair as I suspect there are many other qualified members of Obama’s administration who could be marching in the Olympic Ceremony representing you.   Why are they excluded? It’s unfair! I mean, some past administrative “running dogs” could also be included. Where the heck is Rahm “Tutu” Immanuel? (No relation to the “bishop” aforementioned…it’s just a nickname in Rahm’s case.) Heck! Rahm was a “dance” major in college! I don’t wish to engage in ugly stereotyping (and as an “art” major in college, I, too, have been the sad victim of such cruel stereotyping, probably more deservedly so than “dance” majors), but it’s not asking too much to expect “dance” majors who are not gay to, at least, show solidarity with “gay” persons. Or am I being unfair to my sensitive artistic brethren?

3)      Sending a “gay” contingent to march in the Opening Parade in Moscow (or wherever) seems an ineffective way to stick a thumb in Breschnev’s (sp?…how quickly we forget)…er…I mean… Putin’s eye. We have heard Putin’s ranting about how “these (gay) people should be marched alive into the ovens.” I’m sure he’s just kidding. You have to remember, the Ruskies were actually our friends in the seventies and eighties. The limp-wristed Hollywoodies and Media were constantly telling us so and the “Cold War” as waged (and won) by Reagan and Conservatives was a huge misdirection of our resources and national attitudes. So, shouldn’t we be more understanding of old Putin. Where is all that old Glasnost stuff. (it was a Reagan thing, so the press never got behind it, since they never liked Gorby, only old Bolshiviks and Trotskyites like Lenin and Stalin.) Do you mean to tell me the KGB, where Putin cut his teeth, was not actually a front for some charitable society?

4)      This may be off point, but I really don’t care if the people in Obama’s Olympic Parade are homosexuals. Why should I? If a guy is homosexual it’s his business and his risk. The Center for Disease Control a few years ago announced that American male homosexuals (in the Country with the best medical care system in the world …that was pre-Obamacare) could expect to live about forty-five (45) years.  So, if you don’t mind, while you’re living your life however you please, I’m not interested in hearing about it. It’s really none of my business, so keep your tales to yourself. Go to the Olympics if you must, but keep your adventures and forays into Gomorrah. You do not have a First Amendment Obligation to tell me about it. And, really, I’m just not interested. Let’s try to keep social discourse on a polite tasteful plane. And don’t remind the rest of us about that picture we saw a few years back of some burly male, wearing a pink wife-beater shirt, punching a grandma who was carrying a sign in favor of Prop. 8 in Los Angeles. She didn’t seem interested, either.

5)      You have to wonder why our Petulant President is doing these sort of things. Wouldn’t a second “Star Wars Initiative” be a better way to stick a thumb in Putin’s eye? It didn’t cost much, because it was a fake. A bluff. It probably cost less than getting the Obamacare Roll-out Website operating. (Is it actually operating, yet?) Hasn’t your president learned anything from Putin yet? He’s been receiving lots of thumbs in his own Petulant eye, courtesy of Big Vlad. Watch and learn. Any school kid could. But if you are the “smartest guy in the world” where could you ever learn anything? And when Reagan thumbed your eye, it stayed “thumbed!” When Reagan did his Star Wars Bluff he freed millions from the old Soviet Union. He broke her back. Former KGB thugs may long for the good old days, but most Russians probably don’t. Sending a gay contingent to the Ceremony won’t free anybody, unless it frees the Russkies of the same fears their fathers felt when they considered engaging us on more dangerous ground than an Olympic stadium. They will be wondering “how did these jerks beat us at anything?”

6) That was then. This is now. That was Reagan. This is Obama. My one great Hope for Obama is that he will once and for all demonstrate the utter failure of Marxism and its complete lack of ideas. Obama and his fellow-travelers in Congress have no new ideas. They only have the same old totalitarian plans for the rest of us. They claim the old ideas will work this time. But only because they are in charge, instead of Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao or Hillary.

Take a gander at my accompanying Cartoon about the Olympic Ceremony. My wife (my favorite critic) laughed …a little. And then she pointed out that the Russians don’t wear the cycle and hammer emblem anymore. But I quickly regained my composure after her devastating riposte and said “Honey, the Russians are no different from our own home-grown versions. Once a Commie, always a Commie.” She was unmoved, but I thought it was a pretty good come-back.


Editor’s note: They don’t use the Hammer & Sickle in public anymore, but, you know- artistic license.  Also, Pretoria is in S. Africa, not Zimbabwe.  Opposing views are welcome at Citizensjournal.us.

Steve Bowers was a farm boy. He went to college. He studied Art. Then he worked in construction. Then he went to Law School. Then he worked for various sissy law firms, which he did not like much.  He is a big guy and never liked kicking smaller people around. He preferred drawing frivolous cartoons.  (Who wouldn’t?) But he does like kicking pansy politicians. Cartooning is a perfect fit.


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