“Obamatrade” details made public- 30 chapters- 5000+ pages

Trans Pacific Partnership deal publicized

By George Miller   TPPlogo

Here it is, the new, long-heralded and dreaded, hideously complex Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. Some say it will be a huge boon for intrernational trade and U.S. prosperity. Others say it will suck more jobs out of the country, lower wages and even override U.S. law and sovereignty. We haven’t read it yet, but will scan it and watch for analyses by various factions. We welcome reader opinions on this.


Countries included in the agreement are: Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Japan, Viet Nam, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. We have heard that China ($400 bill;ion trade deficit already) and Russia want in, too). 

The agreement would not become effective unless the U.S. Senate ratifies it.  Under Senate protocols, they may only vote yes or no. with no amendments permitted.


Well, here it is, if you can understand it

Links below are compliments of Drudgereport.com. Now we can learn why it was such a big secret for so long. At least we didn’t have to pass it to see what was in it this time.


30 chapters, 5,000+ pages…

CONFUSION: 100+ different pdf documents…

SESSIONS: ‘Our Fears Confirmed’…

Preamble backs govt ownership of business…



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One Response to “Obamatrade” details made public- 30 chapters- 5000+ pages

  1. angela November 6, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    So where do they get there phoney money to buy an own this business. Did they use the CARF investment funfs that by the way has zillions of dollars that the eere so poor gov right down to city level hide the tax money its their special laundry room for our taxs.fines.fees that they steal are you awake yet america?


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