It’s Official: Moorpark Council appoints new City Manager

By Citizens Journal Staff

The Council appointed a new city manager.  Steve Kueny, the current manager, has held the job the city’s incorporation in 1984. Troy Brown, who as worked as an assistant city manager in Livermore California ask well Elk Grove and Riverside, was hired in at the established hourly rate of $99.20, which is approximately $206,336.00 annually.

The summary of Mr. Brown’s employment were read into the record by Major Janice Parvin.

“Consider Adoption of a Resolution Appointing Troy Brown to the Position of City Manager and Approving the Employment Agreement between the City and Troy Brown Effective March 3, 2018, and Rescinding Resolution No. 1984-129.  Staff Recommendation:  1) Prior to a motion to adopt the attached Resolution approving the Employment Agreement between the City of Moorpark and Troy Brown, the Mayor shall make an oral summary report for compliance with Section 54953(c)(3) of the Government Code as follows: Staff is recommending the City Council approve an Employment Agreement between the City and Troy Brown for the position of City Manager.  In addition to the benefits described in the City’s adopted Management Benefits Resolution, following is a summary of the Salary, Benefits, and Severance provisions of the Employment Agreement that are unique to this Agreement:  The Term of the Employment Agreement is for three years unless sooner terminated. * Employee’s salary for the position of City Manager is set at Range 100, Step G of the City’s Salary Plan, with an established hourly rate of $99.20, which is approximately $206,336.00 annually. * Employee will be granted an initial annual leave balance of forty hours, and will receive Annual Leave and Administrative Leave accruals per pay period consistent with the accrual rates established in the Management Benefits Resolution. * City will reimburse Employee for the actual and reasonable cost, not to exceed $20,000.00, of travel expenses, moving expenses, and temporary housing, as conditionally described in the Employment Agreement. * If City terminates Employee’s employment without cause, City shall pay a lump sum severance benefit amount equal to three months of Employee’s then applicable base salary if terminated without cause within one year of the Effective Date; and an amount equal to six months of his then applicable base salary if terminated without cause from and following the one year anniversary of the Effective Date. and 2) Adopt Resolution No. 2018-____, rescinding Resolution No. 1983-129.  ROLL CALL VOTE REQUIRED  (Staff:  Deborah Traffenstedt)”

The full terms of the manager’s employment is outlined here: AGENDA_REPORT_2018_0207_CCSA_REG_ITEM_09C

Mr. Brown assumes the position on Monday, March 5th, after Mr. Kueny retires on March 2nd.

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