Oh, Oh Tidings Of Comfort And Joy

By a loving Simi Valley Resident

Oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, oh, oh tidings of comfort and joy.  

Why is it that only during the month of December we can wish each other good tidings of comfort and joy?  

The radio is full of songs of Christmas and the birth of the Christ child that were written some time ago?  The TV plays old movies and TV programs that show an America of an era where it wasn’t being deplorable to speak of Christ and to pray and enjoy entertainment depicting families and friends being moved by the spirit of the season?  

Most of us watch and listen to these old memories of an America that seems foreign to the current culture of this God blessed country.  Then there is the decorating and lighting up of our homes.  We love to see these houses in our neighborhoods. Transforms Simi Valley into that shining city on a hill only in a valley. 

 I think most of us love Simi and the way it looks every day but in December we transform our little slice of heaven into a place of beauty.  I’m tearing up as I write this little love letter to my fellow citizens of Simi Valley.  

Wishing all of Simi Valley and Ventura County a Very Merry Christmas and the very best of love and friendship to each other and tidings of comfort and joy. 


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George Pattone

And THANK GOD we don’t live in El Lay County!!!

805 and Reagan Country all the way…