Ojai Art Studio gives its 2015 Art Scholarship awards

The Ojai Studio Artists scholarship program has awarded to date over $150,000 to local student artists. On Saturday, June 6th OSA awarded $6,200 in scholarships to 14 Ventura County art students. Donna Granata received the $1,500 Beatrice Wood Award, Robert Nafie the $1,000 Otto and Vivika Heino Award, and Jamie Swan the $1,000 Ojai Scholarship Award. Two $400 scholarships were awarded to David Soto and Ashley Goodman. Kayla Petrucci received a $300 award from Rotary West of Ojai. Fourteen $200 awards were awarded to: Kristin Williams, Lynne Holmes, Kiernan Szakos, Jesse Sohn, Reiko Heartland, Damian Antonio, Sarah Law, and Elise Fedoroff.

A reception and award ceremony was held at the Ojai City Hall where the student’s artwork is on display until August 15, 2015.


Award winners from left to right: Jamie Swan, Donna Granata, Damian Antonio, Sarah Law, Kayla Petrucci, Jesse Sohn, Ashley Goodman, Kristin Williams, Lynne Holmes, David Soto, Elise Fedoroff, and friend receiving for Reiko Heartland. Not shown are Robert Nafie and Kiernan Szakos.


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