On Castro’s Death – Commentary by L. Neil Smith



By L. Neil Smith

Fidel Castro, the evil Cuban dictator, murderer, torturer, kleptocrat, and rapist is dead. Once again, I sort of wish I were religious (sort of, I say) so that I could fully enjoy the image in my mind of this criminal maggot, frying in the depths of Hell.

I actually remember when the creature came to power. I was just about to enter Fifth Grade, headed with my Air Force family to Pepperrell Air Force Base in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I saw a newspaper headline on a stand in Times Square as we visited New York City: “Castro Raped My Daughter”. It was so at-odds with everything else being said about Castro that I never forgot it. A couple of years later, when he stripped off his disguise as another Simon Bolivar or Jose de San Martin, and crowed to a dishonestly astonished world that he was a communist, I thought about it again.

It’s not my purpose here to write any kind of biography of the vain, self-indulgent  individual who wore silk fatigues (I saw them on TV) and speechified for five or six hours at a time. History may be entering a good moment to judge him accurately. I simply want any of my readers twenty years or more younger than I am to know that what you may read or hear, over the next several days — high praise from the collectivist likes of the _New York Times_ and traditional “news”networks — is false. If Fidel Castro had somehow time-warped back to Germany in 1945, and been tried for his cruel depredations at Nuremberg, he would have wound up at the end of a length of hemp, like so many of the Nazi war criminals did.

Cuba isn’t out of the woods just yet. There’s still Raul Castro, Fidel’s toadious little brother, who’s been running the country since 2006. Plus three generations of thoroughly-indoctrinated little commie-bots.  We do best by making our own country as free as it can possibly be, now that it’s out from under the socialist thumb, an example to the world, a shining beacon of peace, freedom, progress and prosperity.


L. Neil Smith

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