On Drivers’ Licenses for Illegal Immigrants


By George Miller

I was interviewed by Gretchen Wenner of the Ventura County Star Thursday morning, regarding my opinion of the new California “law” granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.
Briefly, I’m opposed to granting licenses to illegal immigrants. They are breaking the law by being here in the first place. I’m, however, in favor of recognizing other nations’ drivers licenses and international drivers’ licenses.  I have used them myself in extensive international travels and never had any problems.
I’m also in favor of granting temporary licenses for those here on work permits or with legal residency. Additionally, like many Americans, I have no objection to granting work permits for people deemed needed by our nation, where there is insufficient labor force available to meet business needs.  Finally, and above all,  I’d like to see Constitutional laws enforced consistently.
George Miller is a “retired” operations management consultant and a Citizen Journalist, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.
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Stefan Djordjevic

Interestingly, or perhaps, predictably, Governor Brown celebrated it, not for its practical purpose, but as a symbol of their increasing acceptability and coming “out of the shadows.” Mayor Garcetti praised it in perfect Spanish.

When I worked in a corporate hotel, “immigrants” ruled the roost. They stood outside the HR office in the parking lot until their cousins quietly set them up with the HR manager for a job interview.

The hotel named the cafeteria a Mexican name and decorated it with Mexican art. The entertainment at the company picnic day was a Mariachi band, and the whole staff skipped a day with no notice on immigrant rights strike day in L.A.

California Pizza Kitchen has a photo of their workers on their HR page. The photos show various Latinos with badges that say their name and the city or state in Mexico or Salvador from whence they came. Out of the shadows for sure.