On Iran’s Corrupt Mullahs | Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Reagan Library

By Debra Tash

Simi Valley, CA, July 22, 2018: Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo spoke at the Reagan Library on the corrupt Iranian regime, coinciding with President Trump’s tweet challenging the mullahs.  It was a packed house with the check-in line looping nearly the whole way around the Library’s courtyard.  Two dozen or so protesters, waving anti-administration signs, staked out the approach to the Reagan, occupying both corners at the bottom of the hill.

Arkansas  Senator Tom Cotton introduced his former congressional colleague, stating that for the Iranian people; “When Mike Pompeo stands with you, you will never stand alone.”  Further that the current Secretary of State will tell the truth to friend and foe alike.

Senator Tom Cotton

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

There were a large number of Iranian-Americans present of the close to 900 in attendance. The Secretary pointed out that the upper echelon of Iran’s government have grown wealthy since the revolution nearly 40 years ago.  Included in that privileged class are the Mullahs and the Ayatollah on down to the head of the judiciary and others.  Many are billionaires on oil money, the embezzlement of public funds, sugar contracts and so on.  The Ayatollah even has his own hedge-fund. 

The regime is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism while one third of its youth are unemployed, another third live in poverty. Secretary Pompeo called the regime a nightmare that has become more a mafia than a government.  It is now in a long term tailspin.  While its people chant, “Leave Syria. Think of us.” the Iranian state seizes the property of religious minorities and persecutes them.  It preaches violence against both the United States and Israel as the Trump administration works to bring more American hostages home.

Protester, surrounded by security as as she waved a red flag

A protester disrupted the Secretary’s presentation, screaming about Trump, immigrants and children.  Her rant was drowned out by chants from the audience of; “U.S.A, U.S.A., U.S.A.”  When she had been escorted from the building, Mr. Pompeo quipped, “If only the people of Iran would have the [same] freedom of expression.”  He talked of those who are hung for merely speaking out and that he wants the Iranians to know that the U.S. supports them in the struggle for freedom.

The administration is attempting to disrupt the regime’s movement of money.  It is also instituting a kind of Radio Free Iran, broadcasting both on the airwaves and the internet information on the outside world to the people inside Iran.  The message: they should not have to flee their own country for a better life.

Former California Governor Pete Wilson then conducted a question and answer session with the Secretary.  Pompeo clarified the Travel Ban as it relates to those who either want visit, or go to school, in the United States from country’s that don’t have, or refuse to, provide data on individuals requesting entrance.  Our government needs to vet them to keep us safe.


Secretary Mike Pompeo and former California governor, Pete Wilson

Pompeo is a native son, born and educated in Orange, California. He graduated number one in his class from West Point, served five years in the military and later worked in congress representing Kansas’ 4th District.

Video of the event:

Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of Citizensjournal.us, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis.

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Ray Holm

Some will sit by and let the course of history be decided by others. I’m glad President Trump is not like that. Mike Pompey has proven himself and I have full confidence that he will stop Iran from funding terrorist. In Fact, I believe Mike is just as good as Trump, and maybe better, in getting the job done.

William Hicks

True. Backing out of a bad deal with Iran is acceptable. Using methods to defund their ability to wage terrorism is a plus to us and the world.

All I can say is we need to avoid a Tonkin Bay incident that will draw us into a war that will have long term negative consequences. Yes would would resoundingly crush them, but other players will capitalize on it.

Let let other nations in the area use their blood and treasure for their neighborhood.

William Hicks

Like Tucker Carlson put it…..I hope this is just posturing and not lead us into another quagmire similar to our incursion into Iraq.

What would end up in the region if we were to replace the mullahs in Iran? Who/what would replace them?