One Awesome Tweet Puts Recent College Football Scandals Into Perspective

David Hookstead | Reporter

Matt Fortuna from The Athletic posted an outstanding tweet Monday about how college football is all still just a game.

The world of college football has been rocked in the past could weeks thanks to the Urban Meyer investigation at Ohio State, and reports of rampant abuse in the University of Maryland football program. It’s easy to sometimes forget that at the end of the day, these are still young men playing a sport. They’re not soldiers in a war. (RELATED: ANOTHER MAJOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL PROGRAM GETS ROCKED BY SCANDAL. WHAT IS GOING ON?)

Fortuna quote tweeted an article about the issues at Maryland and wrote, “I once asked someone at Wisconsin — one of the most media-friendly programs — why they are the way they are. His answer? ‘It’s just football, Matt. We’ve got kids trying to cure cancer on this campus.’ How refreshing.”

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it put a better way. These kids are out here playing football. Yes, there’s a lot of money involved, but it’s still a game. There’s nothing worth dying for on a football field. There’s nothing worth dying for at all on the field. (RELATED: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD SHOULD FEAR WISCONSIN FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON)

A coach isn’t tough because he pushes his players past a breaking point and potentially causes them harm. Any coach who does that is simply an idiot. It’s straight -p pathetic to cross that line in the name of a game.

As a Wisconsin man, I couldn’t be prouder that our coaches have the wisdom and intelligence to recognize that they’re mentors for young men playing a game. They’re not military leaders, and football shouldn’t ever be treated as a life or death situation.

If that opinion makes me an idiot, then so be it. I think I’ll still be able to sleep at night knowing that people disagree with the fact I don’t want to push college athletes past a breaking point.

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