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Tis the season for newspaper Editors all over the country and the world to put forth their lists of the top stories of the year. I would like to top them.

My list for the top evolution of MY time is short and consists of a simple three letter word act that has made us more loving, caring, and emotional human beings.

My life spans eight decades which saw the introduction of jet aircraft that shortened the time of our trips around the world and brought families and strangers together for camaraderie, entertainment, world changing meetings, marriages, births, and funerals.

Television replaced the floor model radios that friends and families would crowd around for life changing news, movies, entertainment, and camaraderie.

Cars evolved from unregulated smog producers to vehicles that now run off a combination of electricity and gas and contain the creature comforts of a home, including movies for the children, GPS guided maps that take us from our doorsteps to the doorsteps of family, friends, business meetings and or for camaraderie.

A room filling machine was converted to a pocket device that has put the information contained in building filling books in every language throughout the world, including illustrations and sounds, into our hands and fingertips. Through the hand held computer we can speak face to face with loved ones and business associates which has increased our ability to communicate our camaraderie with them.

As I grew up all these marvels evolved to where children growing up now view them as though they have always existed. Growing up in a family where there was only one breadwinner and one person “running” the home most emotions were held inward. Terms like “…boys don’t cry…” and “…only sissies and girls cry…” were the stock in trade of daddies. It was mom who wiped away the tears and put on the band aides and little boys and little girls only played with toys designed for their sex and prepared them for their future roles in life.

Thank God my parents lived long enough to see one emotion evolve, a life changing evolution for all Americans. The public advent of the hug and the saying of those meaningful words, “I Love You”.

As I sit here this Christmas day at my desktop computer, which evolved from a room filling machine and later into a pocket device, please join me in a acknowledging that no other story is bigger than how the hand shake within the family evolved into our current sharing of hugs, even with total strangers, and that the hug that evolved from the handshake has done so much in liberating that treasured human emotion of loving, caring and camaraderie.




Leo Alvarez is President and co-founder of the National Association Against Child Cruelty, President of the Children’s Wall of Tears™ and retired from law enforcement after 33 years

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