One mom’s overview of a Common Core meeting for parents

first.grade.common.gradeEditor’s Note:  The parent who wrote this wanted to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation by staff against their child.  The meeting was held at Bridges Charter School on Wednesday, April 1, 2014.  Bridges is in the Conejo Valley School District.  The program was lead by Rubin Diaz School Director and Juliet Herman Learning Director. We have included a sample of Common Core Math homework for first grade. Please keep in mind these children are just learning to read.

By Anonymous

My main concern is for my childFrom what I gathered last night, my child won’t be affected much by this in the next year or two (The grade my child is in doesn’t take the tests) as they “figure out” what it is.  By the time they have it figured out, and the new textbooks come into play and stuff like that, my child will be out of Bridges and into homeschooling.  (I know that CC is also affecting home schoolers, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.)  Of course, that is assuming that things won’t completely go to hell-in-a-handbasket and homeschooling is still legal and permissible in these You Nighted States.

It seems that Bridges is in kind of a precarious position as a Charter school–I completely believe Ruben (Diaz) when he says that if they don’t toe the line, their Charter can easily be revoked.  I don’t want to be the one who starts the revolution that closes the school, nor do I want anyone else to.

One of the reasons I chose Bridges for my child is that they do not “teach to the test” (as Mates does, and most other schools do),   Ruben (Diaz) says this will not change, and I will wait and see if it does.  (If it does, my child will be out of there in a heartbeat!)

And I’m not going to give the school any more information about our family than they already have.  I also plan to be in the classroom as much as I can, so I can continue to monitor what is being taught. (The math program they teach is already terrible–have you heard of Everyday Math? It seems SO confusing. But, my child seems to get it, so at least that is good. I sure as hell don’t!)

So, while I hope that Common Core horror stories continue to crop up everywhere, and more and more states withdraw from it, and so many things go wrong that it just falls apart and goes away (like forced busing did when I was a kid). I hope Bridges is able to do what it takes to stay open for the next couple of years, at least until I am prepared to home school.

I know it is a selfish stance, but that’s all I have the energy for right now.

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Stefan Djordjevic

If you do switch to homeschool, please do one of those collective “group” homeschool programs where they go to some class. Don’t just have your kid sit in the house and try to teach them stuff that people train for years to know how to teach.

See if you can find a group for both the social interaction and perhaps teachers who are trained.

The average parent is not trained to teach math or lab science and the kitchen table rarely trains a kid for the rigors of life.

So embrace your right to school your own kid, but do it in an effective way with other good folks in your neighborhood. Good luck.