One Person, One Vote?

Watchdog claims hundreds of California voters mailed two ballots each in May 12 Special Elections, as Governor declares all-mail November election.

Santa Clarita, Calif. – Hundreds of voters in California’s May 12 Congressional District 25 and State Senate 28 elections appear to have been mailed two or more ballots each, according to Election Integrity Project, California (EIPCa). These special elections were declared as all vote-by-mail by Governor Newsom due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, state VoteCal data show the voter lists for these districts contain hundreds of voters with multiple registrations in their names.

On May 4, EIPCa alerted California’s Secretary of State, the Registrars of Riverside, Los Angeles, and Ventura counties and informed both candidates in each of these closely contested races. No election official has responded to the following EIPCa findings:

 In Congressional District 25 (CD25), 773 voters appear to have been mailed two or more ballots each. Five voters, if confirmed, were mailed 3 ballots each. These voters have two or more active registrations under the same names, addresses and birthdates. Those at differing addresses have additional matching factors. Persons mailed more than one ballot can easily vote more than once, since the system has them listed as two different voters. In addition, 82 duplicated voters appear to have moved to a different congressional district, retained their CD25 registrations and were mailed CD25 ballots. Also mailed ballots were 54 people who appear to be 105+ years old.

 In Senate District 28 (SD28), 805 duplicated registrants were apparently mailed two or more ballots, five of which were mailed three. Additionally, 61 duplicated registrants appear to have moved to a different senate district, retained their SD28 registrations and were mailed SD28 ballots.

EIPCa recently reported over 458,000 registrants statewide who have likely died or moved will be mailed ballots in November. An additional 24,000 have two or more registrations and will be mailed two+ ballots each.

“Our organization has been advocating for clean voter lists for ten years. These two elections are examples of what will happen statewide in November unless California’s list is finally cleared of duplicates, deceased, and voters who have moved away,” said EIPCa President Linda Paine. “The lack of response from election officials underscores their focus on access over integrity. California voters deserve and must demand both.



Election Integrity Project – California

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