Viewpoint: One single petition could end ObamaCare “HR 3590”

Art1Sec7By Nicholas E. Purpura

Listening to talk radio, the topic of the day was the “Death Panels,” and, yes, there is a death panel that not even Congress has the authority override in the current legislation. It’s time for a wake-up call! Obama-care was ruled unconstitutional, not once, but twice! Thus far not a single legal scholar, attorney or judge has had the courage to publicly or legally reveal this to the nation. 

It is my intention to be deliberately insulting to get everyone’s attention and at the same time embarrass the reprobates in Congress who  failed in their fiduciary duty to read the “Bill.” Also to publicize the charade by the 26 Attorneys General who supposedly represented the citizens of their respective states.

Obama-care by law, could have been legally abolished following the ruling in Florida by the Honorable Roger Vinson. In fact, it could still, even now, be eliminated in one simple legal action. 

One would think that 26 Attorneys Generals who had instituted a multi-state legal action against Obama-care, would be well versed in constitutional law Instead of being powerful legal eagles, these 26 AGs proved to be nothing more than useless “yellow” canaries. Not a single one of them realized, or possibly even cared, that if followed up, the above mentioned ruling by Judge Vinson in the Florida v. U.S. Department of Health &Human Service, would have effectively ended Obama-care.
The fact is, both sides of the Health-care controversy requested the court address the legislative history of the bill. Justice Vinson concluded and set forth in his decision that the “bill” originated in the U.S. Senate. His Honor also stated that the bill contained taxes, thereby sealing the fate of Obama-care. By law, his ruling, rendered the bill unconstitutional. 

But did any of the 26 AGs bother to present this evidence to the Supreme Court? Understanding the cost and time and effort that had been expended on this lawsuit, it is astonishing that they either overlooked or ignored that ruling. Incompetence and buffoonery really cannot address this. The only thing that does make sense, is the lawsuit they collaborated in, was just a charade to display in front of their constituents. What else could describe why they would ignore this  potent ammunition when it was handed to them on a silver platter? 

On appeal before the U.S. Supreme Court, that disparate group of black robed extorted pretenders and leftist ideologues, also ruled that Obama-care contained new taxes. For a second time, the door to the pathway of ending this legislation was left open. Yet not one AG had the courage to proceed through the threshold. 

The fact is, all three levels of the Federal Court system either failed or refused to apply the clear and convincing evidence standard. That application is termed “law of the case”. Justice Vinson, established the ‘law of the case” when he found that Obama-care, originated in the Senate. 

Our Founding Fathers, in their brilliance wrote into the Constitution a means to halt tyranny. The U.S. Constitution is specific concerning which body of Congress has the authority to institute legislation that creates a new tax. It is unambiguous and explicit. All revenue creating bills must originate in the House of Representatives.

Here is how it’s written: Article 1, section 7, paragraph 1 …all revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives. No provision exists that grants the Senate authority to originate a revenue raising bill. 

Even more frustrating, the Court was informed that Congress was guilty of fraud in the passage of this legislation. With “fraudulent intent’ the House took an unrelated House Bill –HR 3590, titled the “Service Members Ownership Act of 2009” extracted the entire contents and replaced it with the Senate version of ‘Healthy Future Act’ (S 1796) a precursor of the Act giving it the appearance of legality. Thereafter, behind closed doors they renamed the “Service Members Ownership Tax Act of 2009” and then re-titled “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” surreptitiously to acquire a “House Designation Number”. 

Two additional facts on why this was done quickly and illegally. First, the Democrats were fearful of a Republican filibuster following the election of Scott Brown (R), who replaced Senator Ted (the swimmer) Kennedy. Second, both the Senate and House were fully aware they were circumventing the law. Approximately a month prior, the Senate drafted (S 510) which contained revenue raising provisions and that bill had to be rewritten by the House of Representatives. 

Following the Supreme Court ruling, not one of the 26 Attorneys General followed up or even took the time to respond to a letter prepared by TPATH informing them of the tax raising violation.
Also, the Hoodlums in Black-Robes in the NJ District, Third Circuit and Supreme Court of the United States refused to address the evidence that proved Obama-care was unconstitutional. So you may ask, why the heck will no one bring a legal action. This issue is still ripe for review. As they say, blackmail and corruption are a way of life in Washington D.C. 
Echelon, PRISM and the NSA, just might be controlling factors. 

America! A midterm election in 2014 is around the corner. Is it not time to throw every incumbent out of office and elect men and women of moral character?

There are no less than 19 violations of the U.S. Constitution contained in Obama-Care “HR 3590” and my previous invitation to every law professor, judge, and attorney still stands – Do you have the courage to publicly debate me? I think not, since I have put forth this challenge since 2010.

Nicholas Purpura is a retired General Partner, and Managing Director, Bear Stearns & Companies,  Retired Publisher, Chaplain in Amvets, United Chaplains International Worldwide Ministries, Co-founder and Chaplain of SIPHF supporting our troops and their families serving in Combat Zones. Can be reached by phone 732 449-0856 

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excellent post!!