Ooops, he did it again: CD30 candidate Mark Reed calls out incumbent Brad Sherman

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Mark Reed, Candidate

Mark Reed, Candidate, CD30

Mark Reed For Congress
OCTOBER 16, 2014
Contact: Mark Reed


Congressman Sherman forfeits harmony and ignores intellectual property rights

Why would Brad Sherman not work with local Democrat Congressmen? Is this hindering a unified effort to boost the economy and job market in the San Fernando Valley?

A November 2013 letter written by Rep Schiff (D) and Rep Valadao (R), with 31 Congressmen co-signing, urged President Obama to release the historical “Armenian Orphan Rug” for public display.    However, once the favorable decision was made, Sherman used social media to tout the event with no mention of Schiff or Valadao.

Earlier this year Congressman Cardenas initiated  a letter to Time Warner to resolve a dispute with the Dodgers. Sherman cosigned the letter and then a week later generated a duplicate letter, amid much fanfare and publicity, with different co-signers.   Nevertheless, Time Warner very firmly stressed it was a voluntary arbitration between two PRIVATE companies and of yet nothing has been resolved.

Over 500,000 manufacturing jobs have left Southern California since 1990, when we had over 1 million such jobs,  according to a 2014 report by US Bureau of labor statistics. (Ref our article: )

Neighboring Congressmen must work together to bring and keep manufacturing jobs into the area.  There must be across the aisle and same aisle partisan harmony for this goal to be met.  After 19 years in office Sherman should know this.

 Mark Reed – Candidate for Congress CA 30th District


Mark Reed For Congress

Mark Reed For Congress · PO Box 4181, Sunland, CA 91040, United States
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One Response to Ooops, he did it again: CD30 candidate Mark Reed calls out incumbent Brad Sherman

  1. Rick October 18, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    Oops, he did it again! Mark Reed wins the Republican nomination in the Valley on name ID and a phony bio once again, to run yet another non-campaign and let Brad Sherman yet another free ride to reelection without having to do any campaigning himself.

    It’s hard to figure out what motivates Reed to do this, other than some kind of messianic impulse where he just revels on the spotlight every couple of years, knowing (or not) that he has no chance of ever winning.

    And then there are the useful idiots, generally well-meaning but naive and politically-inexperienced Republicans, that never won an election and would like to win, that support him!


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