Open Letter | Death by Lockdown–Ventura County Board of Supervisors


Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that with “COVID”, the cure is worse than the “disease’, and that the fake covid-19 is a cover story to bring communism to America. 

According to Dr. Lorraine Day, a whistleblower and insider during the AIDS fiasco, she discovered that  Dr. Fauci and the government (which includes local government) are liars and they have no interest in our health or safety.  The fact that they are not here to help us and don’t even like us becomes obvious as you read the list of some of the collateral damage caused by lockdowns.

How sad that the brainwashed masses who watch the Marxist mainstream media  are unaware of this information,   Instead they are saturated with fake news spreading fear reporting  “spike in cases” –which are people not sick or infected.   (The PCR test is meaningless for reasons I have stated in past comments;  and the inventor, Cary Mullus warned the test was was not to be used for diagnostic purposes!)

The following information is from 

  • In the UK, cancer authorities have been warning that the lockdowns will wind up leading to as many or more avoidable cancer deaths than COVID deaths there — as many as 60,000, according to one estimate. 
  • United Nations report in April warned that economic hardship generated by the radical interruptions of commerce could result in hundreds of thousands of additional child deaths in 2020. The report further warned that 42 million to 66 million children could fall into extreme poverty as a result of the crisis.  Even The Atlantic had to admit, “When you ask them to stay home, in many cases you’re asking them to starve”
  • The Well Being Trust in Oakland, California, released a study that seeks to determine how many “deaths of despair” (from drug or alcohol abuse or suicide) will occur as a result of the pandemic, including the lockdowns. Their estimate, according to CBS News: about 75,000. 
  • UNICEF warned of 1.2 million child deaths — “visits to health care centers are declining due to lockdowns, curfews and transport disruptions, and as communities remain fearful of infection”.
  • Oxford University’s Sunetra Gupta has pointed to warnings by global authorities that as many as 130 million people are at risk of starvation thanks to the possibility of famine in several dozen places around the world, brought on by lockdown-induced disruptions of supply chains. 
  • Suicidal ideation is massively on the rise in the United States. The government reports on percentages of people who have considered suicide within the previous 12 months.   For  people between the ages of 18 and 25, suicides  fluctuate between 6.8 percent and 11 percent.    Now, from the CDC, we find that percentage (for the 18-24 group) has leaped to 25.5 percent — and this survey asks not about the previous 12 months, like the earlier one, but whether they’ve considered suicide just in the past 30 days.
  • The CDC estimates 93,814 non-COVID “excess deaths” this year, including 42,427 from cardiovascular conditions, 10,686 from diabetes, and 3646 from cancer, and many of these were caused by the cancellation of “nonessential” care in the midst of the COVID panic.  Meanwhile, almost no American hospitals were actually “overwhelmed” during 2020, despite what your Facebook friends told you. In April alone, 1.4 million health care workers were furloughed because the hospitals were empty..”
  • According to The Lancet, “During lockdown people with dementia or severe mental illness had a higher risk of excess death.” Dementia patients had a 53% greater chance of death because of lockdowns and elderly patients with severe mental illness had a 123% greater chance of death.
  • As a direct result of the lockdowns, the New York Times reports that there will be 1.4 million excess tuberculosis deaths, half a million excess HIV deaths, and 385,000 malaria deaths.

Meanwhile, if you look at the charts for country after country and state after state, you will not be able to tell which ones locked down, how hard they locked down, when they lifted their lockdown, whether they had a mask mandate, when they imposed such a mandate, and when and if they lifted that mandate. The charts show zero correlation. Zero.

Masks are nothing more than a silly game to symbolize no free speech, you are a slave, and we can control you. We already have a one world communist government. They could not close down the world in a week if we did not already have it. They have come out of the closet – it says we control you.

Non-pharmaceutical interventions — voodoo, we might well call it now — appear to have accomplished nothing, apart from creating all this avoidable misery around the world.  This is why, instead, you should listen to these professors from Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford.   See why “public health” shouldn’t be confused with “the monomaniacal fixation on one virus”?  How is this collateral damage not like taking a bazooka gun to kill a fly on the wall, and you blow up the entire house!

And because we are not in a lawful or legal state of emergency,  you are receiving CARE relief funds illegally.   This is fraud and is considered a felony; and carries a penalty of imprisonment.   Plus how does it feel to have blood on your hands notwithstanding the legal ramifications that will ultimately find you.     And reminder, the people put you in office, and we can easily take you out.   

Judy Bruce

Simi Valley Resident 21 years

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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5 months ago

Great read and thank you Judy!