Open letter to President about Syria + N. Korea

By George Miller

Dear President Trump:

I do not agree with your decision to attack the Syrian air base.


– You said you would avoid foreign interventions.

– Our country is bankrupt. We cannot afford such things. You told us that yourself.

– Attacking a Russian ally and threatening a Chinese ally in the same week is poor judgement.

– Where is the proof that the Syrian govt. even did the attack?

– There are atrocities in dozens of countries, so why there?

– Replacing a bad secular dictator with a worse Islamic regime is not an improvement.

– Looks like the attack didn’t do the job anyway. If you attacked the base, you should have put it out of action.

Are you letting the NeoCons take over your administration?  It is starting to look that way. Tell Jared to stick to process improvement and let Ivanka focus on womens’ issues.


Yes, I did support  Trump for President and no I don’t like what he did about Syria and N. Korea for the stated reasons. We received about 2:1 support letters for my sentiments vs opposition to them. Note that Hillary and the Neocons were calling for the attack, too. Public sentiment seems to be supporting it.

George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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Gisela vargas

I agree with the stack.

Gisela vargas


Ronald L. Lyons

The Washington DC swamp is not draining it’s festering. Seems like all the efforts to keep United States neutral are going by the boards. It looks like the UN is still calling the shots for America.
Must we do a 1 million-man march each month to keep President Trump focused?