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We started Citizens Journal – Ventura County ( because we were deeply dissatisfied with other regional publications, which wouldn’t cover some things or did so with heavy bias. This year’s election certainly proved that, as did one-sided “reporting” on things such as climate, immigration, budgets and social policies.  Certain publications ran vicious hit pieces on candidates they didn’t like- disguised as “news.”

While we fully approve of expressing opinions in editorials and columns and in fact do it ourselves, we think they should stay there and not wander into the news section. We have “demoted” multiple news submissions to editorials or columns, rewritten or even rejected them when they didn’t conform to that.

If you can support that approach, we also ask you to donate to our publication which strives to deliver that, so it can grow in circulation and content.

Traditionally, newspapers have relied upon paid subscriptions and advertising to keep the doors open and keep publishing. Like other online publications, we have learned that we could expand circulation far more rapidly with a “free” publication and have instead relied upon just ads and donations.

It’s customary in the business for free newspapers to ask for voluntary subscriptions. Satisfied readers who rely on a publication for information they cannot readily obtain elsewhere don’t mind paying a little bit for it.

CitizensJournalUSScreenThat’s why voluntary subscription donations have been the lifeblood of many “free” newspapers over the years – it’s the honor system, you might say. 

Please consider helping to support the volunteer-operated Citizens Journal with your “voluntary subscription contribution” or ad-  here are a couple of easy options to: donate.

We are also looking for volunteers as reporters, editorial assistants and even a paid advertising/donations salesperson — contact:  [email protected]

George Miller, Publisher         Debra Tash, Editor-in-Chief

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Mike Velez

Hello Citizens Journal,

I am inquiring on the vacancy of Reporter or journalist volunteers positions. I also have experience with video shooting and video editing as it relates to stories/reporting. I can send you a sample of my work depending on your needs.

Michael Velez

Debra Tash

You can contact publisher, George Miller at [email protected] Thank you.