Open letter to the School Board and parents of Ventura County – Why I am taking my kids out of your system


By Jennifer Amodei

Since my kids were in kindergarten they have been happily going to our local public school. It was filled with a diverse group of children who never learned to see their differences as we all are immigrants from other lands who were happy to pursue this American dream together.

It is with great sadness, I am choosing to leave this system as it aims to introduce a new curriculum. It not only highlights our differences but seeks to create division with Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project.

When I first investigated if our system was taking on this radical new ideology that our country was founded on racist, white supremacist and that all white people carry this intention, I was met with “I’m not sure what you’re talking about” and “why would we teach that?” My very thoughts exactly. But when I dug to eventually find the right person who knew what was coming I was assured my children would not be required to take this.  They stared school before its introduction.  However the younger grades would now take it.

Would my kids be swayed to feel guilty for the color of their skin? I would hope I taught them better.  But the fact that kids around them would be subject to this way of thinking gave me pause. This wasn’t just about my kids but the America I want to leave for all of them.

When the Nazis took over Austria the first thing they did was remove the crucifix and put up the Nazi swastika in their public schools.  That is how they began their indoctrination. This isn’t a new curriculum.  This is an attempt to erase what makes us American, our celebration of diversity and exceptionalism. It seeks to humiliate those of a certain color of skin and asks them to feel guilt by the way God made them because of the past. It distorts that past in a way that paints a bleak future.

The future I want for my kids, and for all the wonderful children they grew up with, will now require us to take a stand against this immoral idea that is only meant to create division in a land rich with diversity.

I implore all parents to research this California state-approved curriculum.  Join in the fight to free our children, and the future of America, from this racist and radical agenda.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

Jennifer Amodei is a parent in Ventura County

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4 days ago

A letter every parent should write and action every parent should take.

George Pattone
George Pattone
4 days ago

Amen, Sister!!

Fight the power!!!