Open letter to the Ventura Mayor, Council and City Manager–Quit wasting our money

Mayor, City Council and City Manager,

I agree wholeheartedly with the Ventura Taxpayers Association that an oversight committee is needed for the Ventura Water Department given the level of planned capital expenditures ($451 million) and the recent Water Department/City missteps – specifically the $55 million Heal the Bay lawsuit related to the dumping of treated wastewater into the Santa Clara Estuary, $630,000 fine for putting too much ammonia into the wastewater being dumped into the Santa Clara Estuary and the wasted $300,000 expenditure trying to lower the water level in the Santa Clara Estuary by pumping water from it into the ocean.  And to add insult to injury the Ventura Water Company has raised our rates twice over the last few years and now wants to raise them another 40%+ over the next few years.  I, for one, am retired and on a fixed income and cannot afford these constant rate increases.  For these reasons I think it is appropriate to establish a Water Commission to oversee the Ventura Water Company.

It is also my opinion that the City of Ventura should have fought the lawsuit from environmentalists related to residential sewer line inspections upon the sale of a home.  This is going to cost the residents of Ventura some $500,000/year for these inspections.  Surely the City should have made an effort to prevent this requirement.  Where is the evidence that supports these environmentalists claims that sewage is seeping into the ground from broken sewer lines on people’s premises? What is the size of the problem?  Is it bigger than $500,000/year?  Is this a problem throughout the City?  Surely, at least, homes that have been built in the last ten years or so should be exempted, just like I don’t have to have a smog inspection for several years on my new car.  It is very apparent that the City attorney is not there to protect Ventura’s residents–just the City.

 Murray Robertson,

A Very Concerned Ventura Resident


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