Open letter to VC GOP Chair re: congressional candidate Sabato attack on Jeff Burum

To: Ventura County Republican Party Executive Committee Chairman Mike Osborn:
Fr: George Miller
I saw a campaign bulletin from CD26 (U.S. House of Representatives) primary candidate Antonio Sabato, Jr., as well as emails from others and words from distinguished Republican friends accusing  CD26 announced primary candidate Jeff Burum of “anti-Semitism” and sexism. 
I was concerned when hearing about it, but laughing after I saw the pathetic “evidence.”
The absurd “evidence” provided by Sabato consists of two old Instagram postings allegedly found on Burum’s page, which fail to support Sabato’s extremely weak hypothesis.
When I dug in further, I learned several more things:
1. The supposed “anti-Semitic” image may have been doctored from what actually appeared on Burum’s page. The original image contained the additional words: “Brown Nosers…..(Every workplace has them). Sneaky rodent-like creatures that can  normally be found around the rectal areas of upper management.” (shown below)
2. The so called “sexist” posting was actually an old 1950’s style spoof of exaggerated women’s roles in former times, obviously intended to mock the customs of the time. No, it’s not “sexist,” Antonio.
Sabato’s  immoral, unprincipled, fallacious attack is bad enough, but the support, spreading of and naive credulous belief in it by some party members and followers is far more disturbing. GOP is supposed to be an effective counterweight to the corrupt and Socialist “Democratic” Party? Good Luck.
It appears to me that the accusing candidate has far more to hide than Mr. Burum. He is the one who should be apologizing and dropping out, not Burum. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I really wonder about the health of the party in perpetuating and supporting such lies. In contrast, Burum’s statements about Sabato seem to have more basis in fact.  No wonder I’m not active in your party anymore.
Based upon the weak support by the GOP and public for both candidates, it may only be a matter of which candidate will have to bear the disgrace of losing to Julia Brownley. Either candidate would be a huge improvement, but with gerrymandering, the ever leftward movement of the district and GOP incompetence, it isn’t looking good.
Now, here’s the email from Sabato:
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February 22, 2018
Contact: Julie Prince – [email protected]

Antonio Sabato Jr. Calls on Candidate Jeff Burum to Withdraw from Congressional Race
Sabato, Jewish by Blood, Cites Burum’s Anti-Semitic and Sexist Instagram Postings

“It has come to my attention that Mr. Burum, candidate for the 26th Congressional District, has engaged in postings of images and statements on his Instagram account which are anti-Semitic and sexist toward women.  On behalf of all Jewish people and all women including my great grandparents and great uncle, I am calling on Mr. Burum to withdraw immediately from the race and apologize to all Jewish people, women and the entire public for his insensitive and inappropriate behavior,” said Antonio Sabato Jr.


About Antonio 
A Jewish Italian American, Antonio Sabato, Jr., immigrated to California in 1985 seeking a better life with his mother and sister.  In 1996, after completing all the necessary steps, he became a United States citizen – a moment he calls “the proudest moment of my life.” Members of Sabato’s family, including his great grandparents and great uncle, were murdered in Auschwitz during the Holocaust.  As a young man, Antonio went on to establish a successful career as a model and actor, starring in numerous successful television shows and movies, as well as serving as the face of household names like Calvin Klein.
Vote Antonio
Mr. Burum says that this is the UN-edited version of his posting. Doesn’t look very anti-Semitic to us.


Jeffrey D. Burum’s response to Mr. Sabato Jr.’s Attacks
Over the past few weeks Mr. Sabato Jr. has circulated several attacks on Republican Candidate, Jeffrey D. Burum. His attacks have included:
1. Challenges to Mr. Burum’s career as a CPA. Mr. Sabato Jr. has attempted to discredit Jeffrey D. Burum by spinning where he was licensed. Mr. Burum served as a licensed CPA in Colorado from 1997-2012, where he lived after retiring from the United States Air Force as an officer.
2. Divisive false accusations. Mr. Sabato Jr. has circulated false accusations of Mr. Burum being racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic. These claims are completely false and we have witnessed these tactics by the Clinton campaign against our President, Donald Trump. Mr. Burum firmly believes in equal opportunity for everyone.
Mr. Sabato Jr. is desperately “grasping at straws.” However, these attacks are as ridiculous as attempting to ban straws in California.
Why would Mr. Sabato Jr. make these accusations?
Mr. Burum called for Mr. Sabato to resign from his campaign on December 5th, 2017, stating:
“As a life-long member of the Republican Party, it is my obligation to request Antonio Sabato Jr. suspend his campaign. His participation as a porn-star along with admitted drug addictions is and will continue to be an embarrassment to the Republican Party. The Hollywood and D.C. culture is clearly inconsistent with American family values. We cannot afford to allow a newly self-designated Republican to hurt the party.” See full article here and Candidate Review Here.
It is unfortunate that Mr. Sabato Jr. would resort to these attacks on a decorated officer, especially while listing military veterans as key component to his platform. To this end, Jeffrey Burum states, “God Bless Him.”

George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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Jeffrey Burum
2 years ago

Barbara Sponsler has been an over zealous Sabato fan since the beginning, and takes great pride in heckling me wherever I go. My response to Sabato stands and my request for him to resign stands. Some of my longest and dearest friends are Jewish, and I have always supported Israel. I have the greatest respect for all women/men who give me the same respect. I question Sabato’s campaign and any organization’s campaign that is solely based upon religion, gender, or race.

2 years ago

These pictures were in fact posted on Burum’s site, even though the pictures were posted some time ago, they WERE posted and this tells voters what kind of person Jeffrey Burum is and he is not credible to be our congressional representative.

Mark Savalla
Mark Savalla
2 years ago

I would recommend that someone contact the National GOP to make them aware of this incredulous attack by Sabato and the local GOP’s total disregard for these unsubstantiated attacks.

Also, someone should check with the investigative branch of the Jewish groups that document the people slain by the Germans to see if they have any info on Sabato’s claim that members of his family were in fact killed in the death camps.

William Hicks
William Hicks
2 years ago

Here we go in a circular firing squad. The California republican party leadership is a big failure to California.