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    Opinion: Unassailable Proof That The COVID “Vaccines” Are the Deadliest Vaccines In Human History

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    OPINION:  Submitted by Judy Bruce of Simi Valley

    Public Letter To:  Ventura County Board of Supervisors, Mike Powers, Robert Levin, and Rigoberto Vargas

    You must stop blindly trusting the “trusted authorities” that they are giving you accurate information.    Whatever happened to the sage advice of insisting on hearing both sides of the story?

    You all should be extremely suspicious when not a single leading medical advocate of the vaccine is willing to debate a team of qualified scientists who disagree with the narrative.    But of course, you are not interested in critical thinking because you have sold us out to Big Pharma and your puppet masters.      

    For example, where’s your critical thinking regarding the well-known fact that Merck received approval from the FDA to give Vioxx to two-year-old children just three weeks before Merck pulled the drug for safety issues?  As you are aware it is happening again now with our kids; and this time the drug companies aren’t going to pull it even though there is compelling evidence in plain sight.  It is no surprise you are complicit with the corrupt drug companies by pushing this poison on the kids as evident in your deceptive, deplorable Covid-19 PowerPoint charts.   

    Here are three pieces of unassailable proof that the Covid “vaccines” are the most dangerous in history and should be immediately pulled:

    1. The VAERS data shows (as of November, 2021) 8456 deaths in the US.   Even using the most conservative assumptions, this is the highest annual death toll in VAERS history for domestic deaths.  Something caused those deaths; that’s a HUGE number.   In fact, It’s a public health disaster!  If it wasn’t the vaccine, then what did the CDC find that caused all these excess deaths? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! There are only 226 million vaccinated people. That’s a death rate from the vaccine at least 36 deaths per million vaccinated – assuming the most conservative numbers.  That’s 36 times more deadly than the deadliest vaccine in human history, a vaccine that is too unsafe to use. It has no business being on the market. 
    2. A prominent group of neurologists with 20,000 patients has had around 2000 patients with vaccine-related adverse reactions.   In the 11-year history of the practice, they’ve never had a patient with a vaccine related adverse reaction.  This is a huge increase in significant neurological events that is inexplicable if the vaccines are safe. This is further evidence that the increase in events reported in VAERS is not “stimulated reporting“, i.e. meaning the doctors won’t come forward publicly for fear of retribution (loss of medical license).
    3. And then there is the 60-fold increase in the rates of adverse events happening in front of our eyes.   This is hard to explain since it never happened before the vaccines rolled out.

    When I say unassailable, I mean that nobody can argue using evidence that this happened due to something other than the vaccine as the primary cause.   The “using evidence” is key.   People, like yourselves,  make hand- waving arguments all the time to dispute hypothesis.   What matters is arguments with supporting evidence.  That appears to be nonexistent in all three cases.

    Also, how can you explain the following if vaccines are safe: Cardiologists are stating that since the vaccine rollout they have seen 100 times increase in cases of myocarditis or pericarditis. These monsters (big Pharma, politicians–yourselves included, and mainstream media) are killing people. This is totally unconscionable to suppress this information, all for a virus and variants that don’t exist; and a vaccine that is obviously not safe or effective.   (Actually, the injection isn’t even experimental because it killed the animals in the trial so it is doing exactly what it was designed to do—kill people!!)

    Lastly, I want to emphasize that there is ABSOLUTELY NO OMICRON aka MORONIC ‘variant’ out there, period, end of story.   How can there be a variant of a virus that the CDC even admits they can’t produce evidence of its existence?!    This “deadly variant” is a 100% massive lie.   It is being fomented on the gullible and stupid so that this scam-demic can go on possibly forever or until they are able to get EVERYONE shot up with their DEATH VACCINE.    WAKE UP and stop pimping this bioweapon in your Stupid-19 Summary Report!!

    -Judy Bruce, Simi Valley


    Source:  Excerpts from Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter—Global Research 

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